Job Seeker Services

PA CareerLink® Lancaster County, a proud partner of the American Job Center network, has services available to help ALL job seekers, not just the unemployed, obtain family-sustaining employment.

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Soft Skills for Employment Success

Communication, teamwork, punctuality and critical thinking are soft skills that are in high demand with employers.  The PA CareerLink® Lancaster County, a proud partner of the American Job Center network, provides free or low-cost training for the soft skills employers want.  

  • SkillUp Lancaster, the Metrix Online training program (free to the public), offers soft skill training courses. Here is the link for the course catalog for Personal and Workplace skills (courses listed under Basic Skills): Register and start here!
  • At the PA CareerLink® Lancaster County, four interactive soft skill workshops are offered to the public at no cost. Through the use of fun, interactive games and activities, these workshops help participants identify and understand each essential skill. The workshops offered are Communication in the Workplace, Dealing with Change in the Workplace, Problem Solving Skills, and Teamwork in the Workplace.  The workshops are held on a rotating basis every Thursday.  A condensed workshop addressing all the skills is offered in the Wednesday evening rotation.  
  • Conover Online, held in conjunction with the Workkeys Test for the Ready2Work program, offers testing in attitude, communication, planning and organization, critical thinking, interpersonal/social skills, teamwork, professionalism, and media rules. a 70% proficiency in each area is required to pass.

Spotlight - One Good Job

The Mayor's Commission to Combat Poverty

This plan is a blue print and a series of first steps to cut poverty in half in Lancaster County by 2032.  A pathway to success for an entire community requires the development of both workforce and work environment.  Learn more.

Spotlight - Youth Council


Spotlight - PA Career Guide

This is a valuable resource for students and job seekers alike. The guide is geared to helping individuals prepare for continuing education and/or entering the workforce. Within the guide, the Occupational Data Bank contains employment, wage, and job outlook data for more than 250 occupations.  A brief interest assessment that aligns one’s personality to potential careers is also included to assist those who may be starting a job search or looking to change/advance their career.  

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