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Surprising Reason College Grads Aren't HIred

on Thursday, 13 February 2014 18:02.

New York (The Fiscal Times, January 29, 2014): Nearly everyone agrees that recent college graduates are having an inordinately tough time finding work almost five years after the end of the Great Recession. Young people aged 18 to 34 have struggled with double-digit unemployment and account for half of the 10.9 million unemployed Americans, according to government figures.

Now a new study shows there is widespread disagreement between business leaders and young adults and their families over the root causes of this problem, beyond the obvious problem of a sluggish recovery.

Nearly three-quarters of hiring managers complain that millennials — even those with college degrees — aren't prepared for the job market and lack an adequate "work ethic," according to a survey from Bentley University, a private business school in Waltham, Mass.  Those hiring managers aren't alone in their assessment, either. A wide range of businesspeople, corporate recruiters, academics and others interviewed for the study agree that recent college graduates deserve a grade of "C" or lower for their preparedness for their first job.


Why Employers Should Treat Job Seekers Like Customers

on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 20:50.

New York, NY (New York Times, December 8, 2013): Companies that treat prospective employees like valuable customers—respecting their time and openly communicating with them—are poised to win the war for talent, while those that continue to regard recruiting as a cattle call will have fewer candidates from whom to choose.

Anyone who has applied for a job and gone through the interview process with a potential employer knows the experience is typically punctuated by excruciating periods of silence. You submit a resume electronically, and you wait. Maybe you hear from the company. More often you don't. If you find yourself in the enviable position of having a recruiter summon you for an interview, afterward you're likely to wait and wonder yet again, while the hiring team debates your qualifications and meets with other candidates. Considering that many employers require candidates to go through several rounds of interviews, the waiting and silence can carry on for weeks.

Job seekers' lack of visibility into an employer's recruiting process represents one of many pain points associated with a job search. Lack of feedback presents another. Some job seekers take multiple days off from work to interview with an employer, only to conclude from the employer's lack of follow-up that their effort failed to yield an offer—never mind any meaningful feedback from the employer as to why they were not selected.

Some employers have begun to recognize that the traditional, linear recruiting process—an organization posts a job, collects and screens resumes, conducts initial phone interviews followed by face-to-face interviews, and six months later offers a job to a candidate—is as dysfunctional and disadvantageous for them as it is for job seekers.

"The traditional model for recruiting doesn't allow employers to hire people as efficiently as they need them," says John Henry, a director with Deloitte Services LP. "This can be devastating for technology companies and corporate IT departments that compete on the basis of talent and speed to market. In the amount of time it can take a company to extend a job offer, a more nimble competitor can snap up the candidate."

In short, companies with onerous, protracted hiring practices that require batteries of tests, assessments, and interviews risk losing the war for talent, especially technology talent. They also risk alienating high-potential candidates.


Spotlight - One Good Job

The Mayor's Commission to Combat Poverty

This plan is a blue print and a series of first steps to cut poverty in half in Lancaster County by 2032.  A pathway to success for an entire community requires the development of both workforce and work environment.  Learn more.

Spotlight - Youth Council


Spotlight - PA Career Guide

This is a valuable resource for students and job seekers alike. The guide is geared to helping individuals prepare for continuing education and/or entering the workforce. Within the guide, the Occupational Data Bank contains employment, wage, and job outlook data for more than 250 occupations.  A brief interest assessment that aligns one’s personality to potential careers is also included to assist those who may be starting a job search or looking to change/advance their career.  

Read the PA Career Guide Here