Meeting Minutes for January 15, 2015

Lancaster County Workforce Investment Board


Thursday, January 15, 2015

7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County

Liberty Place

Present: Keith Baker, James Black, Steven Bright, Thomas Cislo, Stephen Grosh,

Gary Grube, Dr. Gerald Huesken, Krista Jenkins, Donald Johnson, Jr., Linda Kreider, Jean Martin, Robert Rhoads, Susan Richeson, David Shenk, Jill Welch

Not Present: Thomas Baldrige, Brian Barnhart, John Biemiller, Barry David, James Everhart, Eric Horn, Rhonda Kurtz, John Paul, Todd Shultz, Mike Sturla, Kurt Stillwagon, Robert Thomas

Guests: Angie Berry, Todd Blankenstein, Shelby Criswell, Reggie Jones, Karen Lindquist,

Trish Link, Ellen O'Malley, Marisela Ortiz, Gregory Paulson, Len Pugliese, Courtney Sauder, Gerald Simmons, An'Dionne Smith, Teresa Stimpson, Larry Washington, Ralph Wolf

Staff: Hoyt Craver, Hope Schmids, Scott Sheely, Cathy Rychalsky, Alicia Davidson, Anna Ramos

Call to Order and Welcome (Jill Sebest Welch, Chair)

Jill called the meeting to order at 7:35 am with a welcome and introductions.

Approval of Minutes – November 20, 2014 (Jill Sebest Welch)

Minutes from November 20, 2014 were approved unanimously on motion by Stephen Grosh and second by Robert Rhoads.

Items for Action

• Approval of Bid on Exchange Server (David Lyon, One2One; Scott Sheely)

Scott stated that we are looking to upgrade our system in the CareerLink®. We want to merge the EDSI folks with the CareerLink® for easier communications and all around functionality. The second part of this is to bring in hardware that will allow us to manage our email here rather than offsite to eliminate the many issues we experience. Thirdly, the server that we have now is getting to the point of being unserviceable because of its age. The Executive Committee passed a sole source contract with One2One. Today, we are approving the server equipment through One2One. It has been reviewed by the Finance Committee but wasn't voted on because we didn't have the cost at that time.

The Bid on the Exchange Server was approved unanimously on motion by Steven Bright and second by Krista Jenkins.

• Approval of Nomination of Mike Moeller for Youth Council (Hope Schmids)

Hope explained that there has been a lack of representation from the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center on Youth Council since Matt Mann left a few months ago. Mike Moeller is the manager of In School Youth and summer camps at the CTC and is familiar with Youth Council workings.

The Nomination of Mike Moeller for Youth Council was approved unanimously on motion from Youth Council and second by Gerald Huesken.

Order of the Day

• A Preview of the Day Report Center at the PA CareerLink® (Hoyt Craver; Todd Blankenstein)

Scott wanted to give the Board a sense of what is happening with the Day Report Center. Mark Wilson, Hoyt and Todd have been working on this for several months, including on-site visits with the Commissioners, Judges and Parole Officers. Commissioner Martin announced the center has been approved and will be funded. The Center is for people that go to prison because they are waiting on a trial. If adult probation and parole can provide electronic monitors, these individuals can go to a day report center instead, while being monitored and pursue finding a job, rather than just sitting in prison. The folks in this category would be low-risk in terms of the Prison's LSIR evaluation. People that have violated parole, the less serious offenses with unemployment as a factor, could also be referred to the day report center. They will be ordered by the court to do this and it will have an effect on their eventual sentencing.

Todd stated that they all have to go through the same system as the rest of the CareerLink® clients, Ready2Work, career planning and so on. Most of the time if someone isn't there to meet these folks at the door, they get lost in the system. Scott added that this shouldn't be a big drain on WIA funds. In fact, it should bring in additional funds in and of itself. Trish mentioned that the PRSCEO program helps those folks currently incarcerated to make that transition. Once they leave prison they come to the program here, that will work in with the Reentry Employment Program and Day Report Center.

Scott stated that the RMO has a program that is meeting people coming out of prison. These are more medium to high-risk offenders, but that have a lot of barriers, housing, mental health, drug/alcohol abuse. We are trying to get stable funding from the County on this also. Contractors with the RMO Intensive Program have offered their services to people enrolled in the day report program. Hoyt reviewed the space available for this program. There is room upstairs to set it up, in addition to the classroom for How to Land A Job With A Criminal Background. Two probation officers per day will be on site for monitoring as well.

As far as funding and billing goes, Scott said he will come up with a daily rate, per person, and the commissioner will set a cap, so we aren't losing money. If it goes beyond the cap, we have to ask for more money from the County. Stephen Grosh asked what the quantity of folks we expect to see is. Scott replied that we don't really have an answer yet, that is why we are doing the per person cost.

• An Overview of the Community-Based Service System for Returning Citizens in Lancaster County (Scott Sheely)

This topic was discussed along with the previous topic.

Items for Discussion

• Update on Staff Reorganization and Introduction of Cathy Rychalsky (Scott Sheely)

Scott stated that we are figuring out how to separate the tasks that Kim was doing. He welcomed Cathy to the WIB. She will be doing upstream and downstream monitoring; keeping track of grants; and also reaching out to additional sources of money. John Murr with Sager Swisher has been contracted to do the higher-level financial reporting.

• Report on Wolf Transition Team Activities (Scott Sheely)

Scott was appointed to the Wolf Transition team for the Department of Labor & Industry. There are 15 subject matter experts and they offered great suggestions. Local control is one of the major themes...the idea that the system needs to build from the grass roots up was reaffirmed.

• November Financial Report (Scott Sheely)

Scott stated the November Financial report was already considered and approved by the Executive Committee, so this is just for informational purposes. There is a continuing concern for programming hours for the Department Of Corrections grant but there is nothing else to point out.

• Ideas for Business-Education Partnership Grant (Hope Schmids)

Hope stated that she got information last week that there is up to $100,000 WIA funds for the purpose of establishing business partnerships without many stipulations. Money is being directed towards Business-Education partnership. We are asking for letters of support to include in our packets. We'd like to provide for the kids that are not college or post-secondary bound. Juniors have already been identified who are looking to go directly into the workforce. We'd like to place some kids in Ready2Work. This is a chance for those in business who have been thinking of some sort of partnership; here are funds that could help us do it. The deadline is near.

• Update on the Implementation of the Work Ready Program (AnDionne Smith)

An'Dionne explained that the primary goal is to transition WorkReady participants into the EARN program. Another goal is to try to stabilize barriers for self-sufficiency. The County Assistance Office determines eligibility and the case manager's filter to clients WorkReady or EARN. We have participants who are trying to get disability, expectant mothers, and attending GED classes. WorkReady tries to utilize community service and all the CareerLink® has to offer.

A successful outcome is for WorkReady participants to transfer to EARN and then get a job at 20 hours or more. There is a weekly hourly requirement and that can be a challenge. Gary Grube wants to thank everyone for the work they are doing, it's a very diverse group of clients with substantial barriers. The goal is to work through the barriers and get them transitioned to EARN to learn more intense work skills. Having it all housed in one spot is the best solution. It's been a success as far as the County Assistance Office is concerned... happy with arrangement and results so far.

• Distribution of Strategic Plan (Scott Sheely)

Scott stated that there is no more discussion needed on the plan, this is the guiding principle through June 30, 2017. Thank you everyone for their hard work.

• Statement of Financial Interest (Alicia Davidson)

Alicia reported on the Statement of Financial Interest forms for 2014. Everyone who served on the Board in 2014 must complete a Statement of Financial Interest form for that year. We must have them accurately completed and on file by May 1, 2015. Alicia asked that the forms are returned as soon as possible but no later than April 22, 2015.

Staff Reports (time permitting)

• Site Administrator (Hoyt Craver)

Hoyt mentioned that the CareerLink® is struggling a little bit with staff loss and IT issues. He is just trying to put out some of the fires that we have day to day. As a way to try to solve some IT issues, One2One comes in every Friday and they go through our IT problem list. Once we get the new server, that should alleviate a lot of the problems. Then, One2One will have access to a lot more and can remote in to fix things.

• Youth Coordinator (Hope Schmids)

Hope mentioned that the Youth Career Summit is January 29 and the theme is work-based learning. She is looking for clarification on the new child abuse law will impact work-based learning experiences. More specifically, on one day job shadows and such. A job shadowing workshop happened yesterday and went well. Career Connect is an important resource to access what companies have job shadowing opportunities. If you aren't already signed up, please do.

Industry tours are coming up in June; job fair workshops are in March; and Columbia will be supporting a Maker Faire summer camp. She is looking to see how OVR and Youth Council can work together. Susan Richeson mentioned that OVR has some money to work with youth, OTJ training contract, work or internship opportunities, and folks with a disability. OVR can offer funding to those people to get work experience and something to put on resume. Jill recommended sending an email to the Board with all the different events coming up.

• Executive Director (Scott Sheely)

Scott stated that Manufacturing Week will be at the same time as last year. He is working with the Chamber for Agriculture Week during the 2nd or 3rd week in November. These are activities that require planning 6 months ahead of time.

We are still trying to resolve a training issue with the Department of Labor & Industry regarding the RFP that was sent out on Intensive programs. Looking to get it clarified tomorrow. There is a large federal solicitation for apprenticeship projects...$100,000,000...with proposals due the end of April. Meeting in February to get statewide proposal together on this for $5,000,000 max.

Scott expressed concern about the lack of training that happened in the first 6 months of 2014. We have non-WIA money for transportation and logistics and we are offering a national certification on forklift training and have put together a robust training schedule. It's also time to start thinking about the health care again. Scott is participating in a US Department of Health and Human Services webinar today about integration. WIOA has huge focus on integration and we are on target with what is being asked for. PWDA is working with the PA Department Of Corrections and PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency to offer a training that allows people to have a credential to work with folks that are returning citizens. This will start at the May Spring Conference of PWDA.


Adjourned at 8:57am on motion from David Shenk, seconded by Linda Kreider and unanimously approved.


March 19, 2015 at 7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County, 1016 N. Charlotte St.

Conference Room – Ground Floor