Board Meeting Minutes for March 19, 2015

Lancaster County Workforce Investment Board


Thursday, March 19, 2015

7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink of Lancaster County

Liberty Place

Present: Keith Baker, James Black, Steven Bright, Thomas Cislo, Gary Grube, Krista Jenkins, Jean Martin, Robert Rhoads, Kurt Stillwagon, Robert Thomas, Jill Welch

Not Present: Thomas Baldrige, Brian Barnhart, John Biemiller, Barry David, James Everhart, Stphen Grosh, Eric Horn, Gerald Huesken, Donald Johnson, Linda Kreider, Rhonda Kurtz, John Paul, Susan Richeson, David Shenk, Todd Shultz, Mike Sturla

Guests: Alicia Brownell, Reggie Jones, Karen Lindquist, Trish Link, Courtney Sauder, Yani Serrano

Staff: Alicia Davidson, Hoyt Craver, Stephen Fries, Cathy Rychalsky, Hope Schmids

Call to Order and Welcome (Jill Sebest Welch, Chair)

Jill called the meeting to order at 7:37 am with a welcome and introduction of Steve Fries as Interim Executive Director.

Approval of Minutes – January 15, 2015 (Jill Sebest Welch)

Minutes from January 15, 2015 were approved unanimously on motion by Krista Jenkins and second by Thomas Cislo.

Items for Action

• Approval of Budget Modification #2 (Executive Committee)

Cathy walked through the details of the Budget Modification #2. Minor things were found with some of the numbers that were made with the State for WIA and Dislocated Worker funding. Rapid Response dollars, that weren't originally identified, were found and received. Industry Partnership was not originally identified and there was a Department of Corrections adjustment from A to B. The net ordinary income is negative, as a result of the start up costs for Work Ready and not receiving the funding yet. We've asked for an additional $20,000 to help offset costs. There is a loss in Department of Corrections that we are watching and working with the staff to keep a closer eye on it with case management etc. The cost per day is based on a certain level of attendance that we have not been seeing. The finance and executive committee is watching this as well. Cathy stated that we have not been getting the referrals, and people aren't showing up, things tend to slow down in the winter months. We are asking the Department of Corrections what we can do to increase traffic. Hoyt mentioned that we had a lag in training, when we had the numbers and not the training, the Department of Corrections population is hard to get back once you lose them. Our liaison with the Department of Corrections is no longer there and his position hasn't been filled yet and that is another issue.

The Budget Modification #2 was unanimously approved on motion by Robert Thomas and second by Robert Rhoads.

• Approval of New Youth Council Members Christina Ortega and Emily Blackwell (from Executive Committee and Youth Council)

Hope stated that Job Corps has been a required partner on the Youth Council in the past but will no longer be required with WIOA. Christina Ortega would still like to serve and it would be good to have her. Emily Blackwell is with High Concrete and has done a lot of work with Hope and the school districts, she has also volunteered to serve on Youth Council.

New Youth Council members Christina Ortega and Emily Blackwell were approved unanimously on motion by Steve Bright and second by Robert Thomas.

• Approval of renewing/extending the terms of Board members and sending the approval on to the County Commissioners for their ultimate approval (Jill Welch/Alicia Davidson)

A vote is not required to renew or extend terms of current Board members. This is just to show support of the motion.

Renewal/Extensions of the terms of current Board members has been unanimously approved on motion by Robert Rhoads and second by Robert Thomas.

Order of the Day

• Update on the search for Executive Director (Jill Welch)

Jill stated that Tristarr Staffing as been engaged to complete an executive director search. A request for resumes was sent out to NAWB, PWDA, etc and ran locally. We received about 55 resumes at this point. Bob has agreed to spear head the efforts. Bob has also spoken to Scott Fiore of Tristarr about a plan to conduct the search. The search committee will meet in about 2 weeks to talk about what we are looking for and start the interviewing process. If anyone has any specific thoughts about what we should be looking for let Bob know. Jill mentioned that we will engage the broader community to be a panel for input, toward making the final decision, once the options are narrowed down. The timetable is to hire someone before July 1, 2015.

Steve talked about what he has been doing in the WIB and spoke a bit about his background.

• WIOA Regulations Update (Cathy Rychalsky)

Cathy stated that she went to a grants management conference and they did talk about some changes but hopefully in the near future there will be more info. Some of the big things coming out are Board Composition; there is conversation around the One Stop agencies and the requirement to go through certification every 3 years. The majority of the process will be regarding performance and fiscal engagement. Apprenticeships and OJT are also big topics. A lot of training and conferences coming up that Cathy will be in on. The WIB will be getting together on who will be handling what as far as WIOA changes are concerned. The annual PWDA conference in May will focus on changes also. Jill, Bob and Cathy will be attending NAWB in March.

Items for Discussion

• Workforce System Guidance (01-2014) - Local Workforce Development Board Composition

Jill reviewed the guidance from the State. Establish standing committees – focuses the Boards attention on new priorities, such as veterans and disabled. Hopefully we will have more info at the May Board meeting. Board composition looks good, we just need to investigate the new joint management labor apprenticeship program representative requirement (which John Paul might meet). There will be a meeting with the county Commissioners about their roles as well.

• Partner with EDC

Jill mentioned that EDC is offering us the opportunity to partner with them on a grant proposal, we've been waiting on this for a long time. It will bring together the EDC and LanCo Planing Commission. It's like a one stop shop for businesses that want to relocate to Lancaster County. Lisa Riggs is submitting a grant app and the WIB might serve as the fiscal agent, awaiting Executive Committee approval.

Staff Reports (time permitting)

• Site Administrator (Hoyt Craver)

Hoyt stated that the attendance at the job fair last Wednesday 1030. 88% of perspective job seekers said there were employers that fit what they were looking for. There was positive feedback on the employer's side also. There was a much better quality candidate at this spring job fair as compared to the fall. Steve added that the Facebook page likes increased greatly after the job fair. The Ready2Work graduation needs to make improvements because this is their opportunity to meet with employers before everyone else comes in but breakfast seemed to be more important than meeting with employers. Next time we might do breakfast before graduation, to keep them motivated. Hoyt stated that he was meeting with One2One today to get an update on the server. Tara Loew was hired to be Team Lead for the Day Report Center. There will be a structured schedule leading up to Ready2Work. There is a meeting with adult probation on the 30th to present them with our suggested schedule. Scott had asked for $125,000 to be able to fund the Day Report Center. A pilot group will be run so we can find the bugs. We will have cognitive behavior therapy, finance information, mentors. Also, the Secretary of Labor visited the end of January and it went very well. There was a Q&A session and she had some great questions and there was great give and take. February 2015 Job Search Center placements: 19 placements, from a low of $9/hr to $40.85/hr, the positions are all over the board. Hoyt reported on new personnel: Tara Loew, team lead for DRC/reentry, Andrew Ibaugh – Business Services Team, state employee Russell Carnahan – Employment Interviewer and the Coordinator of Training and Assessment Nancy Sharp.

• Youth Coordinator (Hope Schmids)

Hope mentioned the STEM sponsorship form that is in the packets, asking members to please consider a sponsorship, your support of the camps allows us to cover indirect costs, transportation etc. The Common Wheel has a new camp this year called Earn a Bike. Harrisburg University is doing a college/high school Nano biotechnology course in July.

There are a series of WIOA webinars that Hope is attending and there are Youth council members to attend PWDA in May. The Business Education Partnership grant was applied for but we haven't gotten a status update yet. Hope stated that job shadowing panels were happening this week and so far there has been a very good turnout. Voices of truth – Truth Squad is a traveling panel that would speak to community groups/schools to speak on jobs needed n Lancaster....Leadership Lancaster took that on and it will be piloted at Columbia. Will be available as an outreach. Hope will be attending the Octorara meeting until we get a new director so that connection doesn't drop. Dutchland STEM day is in April and High Concrete is working with Garden Spot to implement a sort of internship program.

• Interim Executive Director (Steve Fries)

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PaSSHE) participated in a presentation with Hoyt and other WIBs to get a sense of what the PaSSHE schools are thinking of surrounding workforce. As for Industry Partnership grants, Steve has been reaching out because we have grant money to use by June 30 and we haven't used any of it. If we can't go back to the State with a plan, they might pull the money. Industry Partnership meeting is to be held in April to try and restart the Manufacturing initiative. Bob Pozesky has been very helpful and supportive during this transition, as well as training partners. We are also trying to get incumbent worker training going again.

• Contract and Compliance Officer (Cathy Rychalsky)

Cathy stated that WIA performance measures were not being met in the Adult 6 month average wage category. A corrective action plan was put in place and, by the 3rd quarter of last year, they were able to meet all their measures. Data validation monitoring took place, the process for the adult programs went very well. Youth info had some things that will be showing up and there will be a plan to address that.


Adjourned at 9 am on motion by Robert Rhoads and second by Kurt Stillwagon, unanimously approved.


May 21, 2015 at 7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink of Lancaster County, 1016 N. Charlotte St.

Conference Room – Ground Floor