Board Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2015

Lancaster County Workforce Investment Board


Thursday, May 21, 2015

7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink of Lancaster County

Liberty Place

Present: Brian Barnhart, Steven Bright, Thomas Cislo, Barry David, Gerald Huesken, Linda Kreider, Rhonda Kurtz, Jean Martin, John Paul, Robert Rhoads, Susan Richeson, Kurt Stillwagon, Robert Thomas, Jill Welch

Not Present: Keith Baker, Thomas Baldrige, John Biemiller, James Black, James Everhart, Stephen Grosh, Gary Grube, Eric Horn, Krista Jenkins, Donald Johnson, Todd Shultz, Mike Sturla

Guests: Reggie Jones, Karen Lindquist, Trish Link, Ellen Graham, Gregory Paulson, Courtney Sauder, Gerald Simmons, Jedd McCall

Staff: Alicia Davidson, Hoyt Craver, Stephen Fries, Anna Ramos, Cathy Rychalsky

Call to Order and Welcome (Jill Sebest Welch, Chair)

Jill called the meeting to order at 7:35am.

Approval of Minutes – March 19, 2015 (Jill Sebest Welch)

Minutes from March 19, 2015 were approved unanimously on motion by Robert Rhoads and second by John Paul.

Items for Action

• Approval of PY14 Budget Modification #3

Cathy reviewed line items on the PY14 budget modification #3. This is just updated from what we've learned or received since the last modification. What stands out the most is the money we had to return to the state from the IP grant since we were not able to use it.

The PY14 Budget Modification #3 was approved unanimously on motion from the Executive Committee and second by Susan Richeson.

Order of the Day

• Update on the search for Executive Director (Jill Welch/Bob Rhoads)

Bob stated that they are down to 2 finalists for the Executive Director position. We are working with Scott Fiore from TriStarr and there has been several stages to the process. First they screened almost 50 applications, narrowed that down to 8, had phone interviews, and then face to face interviews this past week with the final two. Both are very good candidates. Currently doing reference checks and talking with staff and getting their feedback is next. Hoping that in the next week or so we will make a final decision.

• Update on the search for Fiscal Manager (Jill Welch)

Jill stated that Don Johnson has been very busy trying to find a Fiscal Manager. We have a final candidate and are just working on terms of employment right now.

• WIOA Transition Update (Cathy Rychalsky)

Cathy stated that many staff members attended the PWDA conference in Hershey to hear from state and feds regarding WIOA. They want us to be innovative and give feedback. We have a transition team responsible for task forces in different areas that meet weekly, Governance, Youth, performance and accountability, staff development etc. They are on course for putting together a PowerPoint that shows side-by-side changes for the staff and the Board. We are doing well compared to other counties when it comes to collaborations with partners etc. Several staff members are participating in State Taskforce Committees as well.

• Meeting with the County Commissioners (Jill Welch)

Jill mentioned that her, Steve and Cathy met with the Commissioners regarding Board composition changes with the new WIOA regulations. We currently meet requirements going forward but will be looking to fill the seat David Shenk has resigned from. The Commissioners were happy to hear we are in line. Just an FYI, all Board members will get new reappointment letters but it is just a formality. Also discussed reentry, they are seeking funds to support their services and we were able to put in a plug for them.

Items for Discussion

• WIOA PY 2015 Funding Streams

Per Cathy, Core WIOA funding is still adult and dislocated worker funding but we will be able to transfer 100% of funds between the two which is a change from current regulations.

Steve reviewed the funding streams. Another change is that the state can keep up to 15% of the money off the top. But for now it will go to 7.5%, up from 5%. Brian asked if these funds will be held up for the 1st quarter if there is no approved budget and Cathy said that the States response is that they don't expect that to happen but we need to be able to utilize our carry over dollars in case the money does get held up.

• Discussion of proposed PY15 Budget

Cathy stated that there will be significant cuts in funding with WIOA. We are anticipating, without carryovers, a 22% deficit in revenue. Cathy reviewed line items and funding streams. Per Jill, this is just a proposal because the Executive Committee hasn't had a chance to dig into these numbers to get a final recommendation for the Board. There will be an emergency Board meeting June 4, 2015 at 7:30 am to approve the final PY15 budget. Historically 20% of funds need to be carried over and that will be difficult to do with the cuts, so we are in the planning stages for that as we put together a spending pattern.

Staff Reports (time permitting)

• Site Administrator (Hoyt Craver)

Hoyt updated us on April's Job Search Center Placements, it was 29 for the month. Anna reported that they exceeded three of their measures and they are on a good path. Eric Brobst has taken over the social media campaign. Facebook, twitter etc number has skyrocketed. PWDA highlighted our CareerLink® website because of its recent stories and updates that Eric has been doing.

• Youth Coordinator (Steve Fries and Cathy Rychalsky)

Steve and Cathy spoke on behalf of Hope. We finally received the acknowledgement that we are getting the Business Education Partnership grant in the amount of $100,000, just waiting on the letter of obligation. We will be seeking out ideas from superintendents and explore ideas on how to use the money for youth programs. Industry tours are coming, youth camps are lined up for the summer and Voices of Truth with Leadership Lancaster is happening.

• Interim Executive Director (Steve Fries)

Steve stated that we are working with collaboration around health a professions opportunity grant and are starting to address some employer demand areas in health professions. Nurse Aide/Home health, LPN, EMT, Medical/Dental Assistant...expected to grow 22-29% range in the next 10 years per Trish. Targeting TANF and low-income adults for this training.

LNP called Steve and asked about people that earned a degree and had trouble finding jobs in their area, does this make sense? Maybe those folks should come through the CareerLink® for career exploration, job shadowing etc. Thaddeus Stevens College runs programs in the high priority occupations that may be beneficial for these folks.

We have applied to renew our EITC status, asked board members to participate.

Alicia has given her resignation and her last day is June 5, 2015.

Thanked staff for their help with getting WIOA implemented. Thanked CareerLink® staff for their work as well for keeping the CareerLink® vibrant.


Adjourned at 8:35 am on motion by Robert Rhoads and second by Jill Welch.


July 16, 2015 at 7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink of Lancaster County, 1016 N. Charlotte St.

Conference Room – Ground Floor