Board Meeting Minutes for January 21, 2016

Lancaster County Workforce Development Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, January 21, 2016

7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink of Lancaster County

Liberty Place


Present:             Keith Baker Brian Barnhart, Thomas Cislo, Barry David, Gary Grube, Linda Kreider, Rhonda Kurtz,  Jean Martin, John Paul, Robert Rhoads, Kurt Stillwagon, Robert Thomas, Jill Welch; Gregory Paulson for Rep. Mike Sturla

Not Present:      Thomas Baldrige, John Biemiller, James Black, James Everhart, Eric Horn, Krista Jenkins, Donald Johnson, Susan Richeson, Todd Shultz,

Guests:             Andrew Ibaugh, Reggie Jones, Trish Link, Courtney Sauder, An'Dionne Smith, Mary Beth Stover

Staff:                 Dale Hamby, Cathy Rychalsky, Anna Ramos, Hope Schmids, Nancy Sharp

Call to Order and Welcome

Jill Welch, chair, called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m.

Approval of Minutes

Jill noted that the Nov. 19, 2015, minutes needed to be updated to reflect that minutes of Sept. 2015 meeting were approved.

A motion to accept the corrected minutes from the meeting of Nov. 19, 2015, was made by Robert Rhoads, seconded by Robert Thomas, and passed unanimously

Items for Action

Monthly financial report (November 2015)

In the absence of Don Johnson, chair of the finance committee, Dale Hamby presented the November financial report, noting that the organization is on target in spending. However, it is underperforming in expanding Rapid Response and JD NEG funds. One issue with the JD NEG grant was the requirement that 50% of spending be spent on work-based experience. Since LCWDB has not been able to move forward on that requirement, we are de-obligating funds.

Dale noted that with the state passing a partial budget, there has been a dramatic improvement to our cash flow. We have been informed that the state would provide more funds for summer youth programming, but we have no indication to date of the amount and when it would be made available. Last year we received the notice in August.

Dale mentioned that going forward we will see changes to the financial reports now that Service Access Management is providing fiscal services. He anticipates signing the contract with SAM in the near future.

Brian Barnhart seconded the motion to accept the report on a motion from the Executive Committee. The motion passed unanimously.

Items for Discussion

Financial interest forms

Nancy Sharp distributed the financial interest forms provided by the state ethics commission for 2015. Instructions on how to complete the form for the LCWDB were provided. Completed forms need to be submitted to the state by May 1; Nancy asked to have the original forms returned before that date.

Gregory Paulson is an alternate for Rep. Mike Sturla. Does he need to complete a form? Jill did not know the answer to that question. He asked a conditional question: If he does, will the one on record with the ethics commission because he's running for office suffice? Jill knew the answer to that question: no. A different form is needed for each affiliation where a form is required.

State Plan and Local Plan

Dale had circulated to the board a document that commented on the state plan with a link to the full state plan. PWDA is providing consolidated input; LCWDB is providing input as well. The state is submitting the plan to the federal government by March 2, which must include public comments and the state's responses to those comments. Dale said that one of the biggest concerns among the WDB directors is the timing to submit local and regional plans, which are supposed to be based on state plans. The state is requiring regional plans and local plans to be submitted by May 1. PWDA has requested a delay from the state. WDB directors had asked for the due date for the plans to be one year after the federal government had approved the state plan.

The other major impact on all WDAs is that the state is specifying how money is spent, requiring WDAs to spend 30% of the funding on training. At issue is how training is defined. Under the current definition, the state said we are currently spending 10% of our funds on training. The state plan is largely oriented to helping people with barriers, people who need more intensive services and case management, but there appears to be a disconnect with their plan to close CareerLink sites and reduce funds available for case-management services and increasing the amount that must be spent on training.

Another concern is that the plan is not oriented toward business.

Comments are due to state by end of the month. Dale said comments from board members who represent business are essential. Bob Rhoads asked Dale to send information on how to comment on state plan.

Dr. Brian Barnhart asked if there is anything in the plan about consolidation of WDAs. Dale said the state plan dedicates about 1.5 pages to that topic. Dale is not aware of any WDA that is electing to change its current status. The governor has the authority to make a change unilaterally, and that decision would be made this summer.

Jill noted that our current local plan has an end date of 2017. What will it take to update the local plan? Can we submit it as is, with a note that we will transition to the new plan when it is finalized?  Dale said it would be helpful to have a task force to work on it. The state has provided template, with about 30 areas to be addressed. Cathy Rychalsky suggested setting up a series of meetings. Jill asked the board to volunteer on the task force and to attend the sessions, even if they can't attend them all.

Brian asked if we can use this plan to reinforce our case as to why we should remain an independent WDB.

March 1 report

Dale distributed a draft of a letter to the state indicating the LCWDB wants to remain an independent WDA. He asked for input from the board member on the strengths and recent accomplishments. The Evaluation and Assessment items shown were requested by the state.

As the board is aware, Dale noted, one challenging area for Lancaster is related to having federal and non-federal resources necessary to effectively administer activities. Regarding the Local Capacity to Manage Funds, the LCWDB recently hired an agency to provide fiscal services.

Another area where we could be negatively impacted is service delivery. A year ago, LCWDB did not meet metrics for average wages and more recently missed a metric for out-of-school youth literacy.

The LCWDB Performance Committee is meeting Tuesday to review and address metrics. Jill noted that it was helpful at previous meetings to review statistics from other WDBs and how we fare compared to them.

State Monitoring Visit

Jill noted that the results of a state monitoring visit in September were received after the last board meeting. The results were sent to the county commissioners as well as to the board leadership. The report had five findings, all of which centered on Scott Sheely's separation. Jill is taking the lead on the response, which is due within 30 days.

Board vacancies

Jill reported we have two open board seats, one a private-sector seat resulting from Stephen Grosh's resignation, and the second the seat held by Dr. Gerald Hueskin, superintendent of record for the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, whose term in that role expired Dec. 31, 2015. Jill asked if anyone has suggestions for replacements to contact Tom Baldridge or her.

Staff Reports

Site Administrator (Anna Ramos, interim)

Since the New Year, CareerLink has seen a steady increase in the number of people in the PREP sessions and CRC. However they have not seen an increase in people participating in support services. As a result, they are making some changes to the PREP session to increase awareness of the services provided.

Tara Loew, the Re-Entry Services team lead, has been aligning community resources to streamline referral process.

CareerLink is looking at the changes, physical and programmatic, that need to be made as a result of WIOA. Dale added that the state plan dictates that CareerLinks now organize functionally rather than programmatically. Philosophically, it sounds good; realistically, we are looking at organizing 14 program partners with different metrics. At the CareerLink's next staff meeting on Feb. 4 a representative from OVR will present an overview of the changes that organization is experiencing under WIOA.

Anna reported that the CareerLink is preparing for its spring job fair, scheduled for March 16.

Contract and Compliance Officer (Cathy Rychalsky)

We received five bids in response to the RFP to provide cleaning services. A team of seven people reviewed the proposal LCWDB has selected Farrell's to continue as its provider of cleaning services. The executive committee approved the selection; Cathy will send the request for approval to the board electronically.

A motion to accept the proposal came from the executive committee and was seconded by Jill Welch.

In response to the IT RFP recently released, six agencies have expressed interest. Closing date for proposals is Feb. 5.

Cathy is currently preparing RFPs for services in the areas of WIOA Title I, In-School Youth, Out-of-School Youth, EARN, and WorkReady. She will contact board members to serve on review panels for those proposals.

Cathy conducted monitoring for two Out-of-School Youth's work experience. She was impressed and found it to be a good experience for the youth and their employers.

The LCWDB has been approached by the state Dept. of Human Services to receive additional funds to accommodate in our WorkReady program clients from the SNAP and Able-Bodied Adults without Dependents (ABAWD) programs. Lancaster is the only WDB in the state that has Work Ready.

Executive Director (Dale Hamby)

Youth Council had set up a meeting between representatives of the Cocalico School District and businesses in the Denver area looking to engage youth.

Dale and Cathy met recently with SACA to explain that their contract would not be renewed because they have failed to meet metrics for at least three years, which negatively impacts the organization's overall metrics. The primary concern is the wage rate; their participants are starting $2 to $3 below our benchmark rate. If SACA can demonstrate they can meet the metric, we are willing to work with them in the future.

The LCWDB is looking to consolidate space. Among the options we are considering is moving the Out-of-School Youth program to the ground floor, moving the WDB offices into that vacated space, and then subletting the space the WDB occupies.

Based upon decisions of executive committee, Dale will step down from his role at the end of next week. Dale said working here has been a pleasure. Bob Rhoads thanked Dale for his service in challenging times and for building bridges into the community

Youth Programs (Hope Schmids)

Hope discussed the Youth Summit coming up February 3. The theme is The Other 20%: youth who do not have plans to continue their education. At that event the LCWDB will recognize Dominic DeFilippo for his years of service.

Adjourned from public session to executive session at 8:45 a.m. to discuss strategic planning and personnel matters relating to Dale Hamby's departure. Executive session adjourned at 9:00 a.m.


Thursday, March 17, 2016, at 7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County, 1016 N. Charlotte St.

Conference Room (#18) – Ground Floor