Board Meeting Minutes for March 17, 2016

Lancaster County Workforce Development Board

Thursday, March 17, 2016

7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink of Lancaster County

Liberty Place


Present:            Keith Baker, James Black, Stephen Bright, Thomas Cislo, Gary Grube, Jean Martin, John Paul, Robert Rhoads, Susan Richeson, Kurt Stillwagon, Robert Thomas, Jill Welch; Gregory Paulson for Rep. Mike Sturla

Not Present:     Thomas Baldrige, Brian Barnhart, John Biemiller, Barry David, James Everhart, Eric Horn, Krista Jenkins, Donald Johnson, Linda Kreider, Rhonda Kurtz, Todd Shultz

Guests:             Reggie Jones, Trish Link, An'Dionne Smith, Joe Farrell Anna Ramos, Mark Douglass, Karen Kauffman, Andrea Kapp, Stan Miller, Steve Tredinnick, and Mary Ann Kowalonek.

Staff:                Valerie Hatfield, Cathy Rychalsky, Hope Schmids, Nancy Sharp

Call to Order and Welcome

Jill Welch, chair, called the meeting to order at 7:35 a.m. and asked attendees to introduce themselves.

Approval of Minutes – Jan. 21, 2016 – (Jill Welch, Chair)

A motion to accept the minutes from the meeting of January 21, 2016, was made by John Paul, seconded by Robert Thomas, and passed unanimously.

Items for Action

·        Acceptance of audit reports

Andrea Kapp of Maher Duessel, which had been engaged to perform the annual audit, walked the board through five documents. Jill noted that the documents had previously been presented to the Finance and Executive Committees and were now being presented to the board for their acceptance of the report. These reports included: Financial Statements and Supplementary Information for the year ended June 30, 2015, with independent auditor's reports; Management Letter; Communications Letter; Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax), and Charitable Organization Registration Statement (Form BCO-10).

The reports were presented on a motion to accept from the Executive Committee. Bob Rhoads seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

·        Approval of financial report (January 2016)

Cathy Rychalsky reviewed the report in the absence of the chair of the Finance Committee. She noted the de-obligation of funds from the JD NEG grant. She said that there were no areas of concern.

The report was presented on a motion to accept from the Executive Committee. Tom Cislo seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously

·        Approval of budget modification #2

Cathy said that historically budget modifications have been presented when changes in funding revenues are recognized. She called attention to revenue reductions such as TANF Youth Income and JD NEG, and revenue increases such as a new grant from Alcoa and change in the amount of the grant received from Lancaster County Community Foundation for the Day Report Center.

The budget modification was presented on a motion to accept from the Executive Committee. Steven Bright seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

Jill asked how the state's continuing budget impasse affects our budget. Steve Tredinnick said we are continuing to monitor inflow, which currently seems in good order.

Items for Discussion

·        Introduction of Service Access and Management (SAM)

Jill noted that LCWDB recently hired SAM to serve as its fiscal agent. Three representatives of SAM were in attendance: Stan Miller, Steve Tredinnick, and Mary Ann Kowalonek. Stan said they are starting by looking at what areas to improve and streamline and how to ensure the information presented at meetings is clear and in a format that makes sense. Steve discussed some of the new reports that will be presented going forward. These include separating the WDB's budget from the operations of the CareerLink, a schedule of obligations, grant overview, and contracts report. SAM plans to hold quarterly provider meetings with sub-contractors; board members will be invited to these meetings.

Jill said she had two takeaways from SAM's suggestions: the budget will be simplified and easier to understand, and the organization will be better able to track grants.

Tom Cislo echoed Jill's comments. From a financial analysis point of view, the previous reports were remnants from years past. The contrast between the proposed reports and current reports is remarkable.

·        Update on search for executive director

Bob Rhoads, head of the search committee, reported that we have advertised the vacancy and received applications. Scott Fiore at TriStarr Staffing is again assisting us without fees. Scott has reported that we do not have as many applicants as last year as we received last year, but the quality is there. The search committee is looking for members. Bob noted that the search is in a holding pattern because of fog from the state about LCWDB's future as single-county board.

·        Transitional Local Plan

Cathy reported that we held eight sessions seeking input from representatives of county organizations, which provided great feedback. The plan is due to the state June 2. The executive committee approved hiring Mike Lawrence to assist in writing the plan. He expects to have a draft to the board by March 24. He'll include an outline of changes. The draft will be put out for public comment in mid-April for 30 days. The plan should be ready by the May board meeting. Jill sat in on half of the meetings; people appreciated being invited into the planning session so that voices from community could be heard. Cathy invited board members to attend a meeting related to creation of a regional plan that will be held on March 23 at the South Central Workforce Development Board.

·        New board members

Cathy said a seat needs to be filled by the end of March. WIOA stipulates certain nomination requirements for board members. Tom Baldrige will be nominating Sharon Kay from Pepperidge Farm.

Motion to approve the nomination, pending approval by the county commissioners, was made by Bob Rhoads, seconded by Jean Martin, and was passed unanimously.

·        Statement of Financial Interest forms needed (Nancy Sharp)

Nancy Sharp reminded directors that the forms are due in the LCWDB office by April 15. Greg Paulson, who represents Mike Sturla, was asked if he needs to submit one. Jill said yes.

·        Local Regional Designation letter (March 1 letter)

The Dept. of Labor and Industry had requested workforce development areas to submit a letter stating their intent to either remain as they are or to combine with another area. Jill said a letter requesting the Lancaster Workforce Development area to remain a single-county area was co-signed by the county commissioners and submitted to L&I by the March 1 deadline.

·        NAWB conference

Cathy and Bob Rhoads attended the National Association of Workforce Board's annual symposium in Washington, DC. Lancaster had two presentations: Stephen Grosh and Lisa McNamara talked about business-education program pipeline, and Tara Loew presented our Re-Entry services program. They all did a great job representing what we do in Lancaster.

Bob said that as a board member, the chief benefit he realized was talking with board members from other workforce development areas. Engaging with business is a critical piece of WIOA.

Staff Reports

Youth Program Coordinator (Hope Schmids)

At the CareerLink®'s spring job fair, the youth turnout was huge: approximately 125. Staff conducted three workshops for the youth: How to Use CareerConnect, Dress to Impress, and Workplace Math. Nine School District Of Lancaster students were in the Ready2Work graduation; they were able to utilize that program thanks to the Business-Education Partnership grant.

On the Business-Education Partnership Grant, it appears as though we're underspending; however, some of the costs, such as the WorkKeys tests, come at the end of the year, as does training coming now that people are completing the Ready2Work portion of the program.

The Youth Council offered five job shadowing programs this year; 95 people attended the public safety career event and 45 attended the construction jobs panel.

We saw a decrease in TANF youth dollars, which is the primary source of funding for summer career camps, so we will be asking board members for sponsorships

Youth Council is working on a succession plan for Dom DeFilippo, who is retiring.

CareerLink® Site Administrator (Valerie Hatfield)

Valerie was introduced as the new site administrator; she started in February. In her first weeks she is spending time with partners and seeing how we can move toward increased functionality, as required under WIOA. The CareerLink® staff is forming an outreach team to be able to accommodate an increasing number of requests to provide programs in the community. Staff is also revamping the Business Services Team.

Anna Ramos, who served as interim site administrator, continued with the report. The spring job fair took place on Wednesday; at the next board meeting a report on the job fair will be presented.

Visitors from Lycoming and Clinton County prisons and community-based organizations came to learn about our Re-Entry program.

At a recent staff meeting representatives from OVR gave a presentation on recent changes in their program as a result of WIOA.

The Leadership team is continuing its WIOA transition work, looking at how we deliver services, what changes need to be made and how to make those changes 'on the floor.'

Interim Executive Director(Cathy Rychalsky)

Cathy asked for volunteers to serve on review panels for proposals of the major program areas: WIOA, EARN, Work Ready. Recommendations will be presented to the Executive Committee and board in May. Contracts need to be in place July 1.

Cathy complemented that staff for the work they are doing related to the proposal process, transition to a new fiscal services provider, and working on the local plan, all while handling their usual duties.

Cathy updated the board on findings from the state's monitoring visit last fall. The state had five findings, all related to the departure of former executive director Scott Sheely, which included personnel policy issues and which resulted in $54,000 in disallowed expenses. Cathy requested an informal resolution meeting with representatives from the Dept. of Labor and Industry; the meeting will be held March 22. County Commissioner Dennis Stuckey and Jill Welch will attend with Cathy. Jill is looking for clarity about provisions in the Sunshine Law regarding actions taken in executive session. Gary Grube asked if the issues mentioned in the findings have been addressed by policy. Cathy said policies are being written or updated as needed and will be presented to the board for approval.

Cathy said this issue has raised the importance of keeping the commissioners apprised of the board's activities. The commissioners asked for quarterly updates.

The Berks Workforce Development Board is making available John Moser to assist us in updating and creating policies as required under WIOA.

Cathy discussed a grant that we're participating in with Berks that will provide summer youth experience at the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center and in paid employment.

On a motion made by Bob Rhoads and seconded by Jill Welch, the meeting was adjourned at 8:55 a.m.


Thursday, May 19, 2016, at 7:30 a.m.

PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County, 1016 N. Charlotte St.

Conference Room (#18) – Ground Floor