Meeting Minutes for Jan. 5, 2016

Lancaster County Workforce Development Board

Executive Committee

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112



Present:            Tom Baldrige, James Black, Gary Grube, Linda Kreider, Robert Rhoads, Jill Welch


Not Present:     Don Johnson, Jean Martin

 Operators:         Trish Link

 Staff:    Dale Hamby, Joyce Lenox, Anna Ramos, Cathy Rychalsky, Hope Schmids, Nancy Sharp


Call to Order - Jill Welch, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:07 p.m.



Consent Agenda

Minutes from December 1, 2015 Meeting (Jill Welch)

Nancy Sharp reported that she had received a request to add two items to the minutes.

The amended minutes were unanimously approved on a motion from Robert Rhoads and a second from Tom Baldridge.


Action Items

Approval of November 2015 Financial Report (Don Johnson)

Dale Hamby reported in the absence of the chair of the finance committee. Dale noted that the monthly financial report typically comes from the Finance Committee; however, the committee did not meet in December. The November report shows 42% of the budget expended in the first five months. Dale said he has been assured by his contacts at the Dept. of Labor and Industry that now that the state budget has been partially approved, we will have access to our full funding allocation when the window opens for draws on accounts. We are still underperforming on JD NEG and Rapid Response; we are planning to de-obligate the JD NEG grant and transfer RR funds into Dislocated Worker and move DW funds into Adult to provide more training funds for clients. Cathy Rychalsky said she has talked to our Title I service provider about the increased availability of funds for training.

Dale said that we have released payments to ResCare and EDSI, making us current through October.

Approval of the November 2015 Financial Report was given unanimously on a motion from Tom Baldridge, seconded by Linda Kreider.


Discussion Items

Workforce Summit

Dale commented that the staff at the Best Western Eden Resort did an outstanding job; they were very easy to work with. The WDB staff did a great job of pulling everything together.


Fiscal services provider

Cathy Rychalsky reported that we have held our first meeting with representatives from Service Access Manager, our new fiscal service contractor. The first step will be a review of policies and procedures. Dale said that a SAM representative will attend monthly meetings of the finance and executive committees.


Building space management

Dale stated that a good deal of the space we lease in the building is not fully utilized. The primary lease has five more years on it; we are allowed to sublet. Dale is considering subletting the WDB office suite, moving the Out-of-School Youth Program to the first floor, and relocating the WDB to the OSY area. Advantages of such a move include reducing the number of ComCast accounts we need for Internet access and allowing the WDB staff to use server space for IT back-up. We are also exploring partnerships with other community-based organizations to share the space.


Workforce area alignment

Discussion continued from last month on the topic of the WDB’s interest in remaining independent or combining with another local workforce area. Tom Baldrige said our general intent is to stay independent, but what affect does the reality of shrinking resources have on the long-term viability of the organization? Dale said that some aspects of the state plan worsen our original concerns. For instance, in the draft plan, the state is directing that 30% of Title I funds be spent on training. At issue is how you define training; does it include case management? Fifty percent of that training must go to people with barriers, who need more case management.

Tom asked if delivery of service would be helped or hurt if we merge with another WDB. What is in the best interests of Lancaster County? We don’t want our interest in preserving our boundaries to affect our ability to deliver quality programming. He asked if we know where our legislative delegation or county commissioners stand. Dale reported that the commissioners prefer staying independent, depending on the financial implications; he has not talked with the legislators.

Gary Grube said the composition of South Central WDB doesn’t seem to match Lancaster, Chester County is a different animal, and Lebanon is part of South Central.

Dale noted that one of our concerns for remaining independent is financial: our high overhead with the current lease. Tom suggested that if an onerous lease is threatening the future of the organization, a group of community leaders should talk with the building’s owners and say “work with them.”

Bob Rhoads asked if Dale has a sense of specific WIBs being targeted. Dale said no, other than L&I wants fewer of them.


Maher Duessel audit results

Dale reported that the audit results have just been received. The audit had some findings, but nothing of extreme concern. Jill said the finance committee will review the results at its next meeting.


Filling vacant seat on board

Dale noted that Stephen Grosh resigned as of 12/31/15. We need a representative from business; Dale suggested seeking someone who represents a more diverse population.

Tom Baldrige asked if there’s any concern with staffing agencies being on board. Dale said that based on recent placement reports, staffing agencies have hired a majority of our clients recently. Bob Rhoads expressed concern about possible conflict of interest. Jill recalled that a representative from a staffing agency had previously served on the board. Jill suggested that, since this person must be a representative from business, Dale and Tom consult and make a recommendation.


Dept. of Labor and Industry Review

Jill noted that shortly before the meeting Dept. of Labor & Industry sent the county commissioners, executive director and board chair preliminary findings of the monitoring review conducted the last fall. A response is required within 30 days to five findings, all of which center on the separation agreement with former executive director. Dale noted that none of the findings involve current operations.  Jill will prepare the draft response, which will be brought to the next executive committee meeting.


Staff Reports

Youth Coordinator (Hope Schmids)

One hundred people have signed up for the Youth Career Summit, scheduled for February 3 at the Best Western Eden Resort.

Next Wednesday the Youth Council is holding job shadowing workshop for teachers; they demonstrate CareerConnect at that time.

Hope said they are receiving many responses from schools wanting the intern to return and talk about utilizing the Ready2Work in their schools.

Hope and Dom were invited to hear Cathy Palm, who works in the field of children’s protection services. She advocates that job-shadowing supervisor get clearances, which poses issues recruiting volunteers.

The council is reviewing upcoming changes in priority for utilizing TANF dollars.

Tom Baldrige asked if anybody on Youth Council might be a good candidate for the board vacancy.

Jill asked if Stephen Grosh and a representative from the Octorara school district will be presenting at the upcoming NAWB forum. Dale said Stephen had suggested a representative from the staff co-present with the education representative.

Hope has schedule a meeting with representatives of the Cocalico School District and area business leaders next week.


PA CareerLink Administrator (Anna Ramos, interim)

Anna reported she worked with Cathy to get RSA signatures for all partners in the agreement.

Anna said ResCare has a couple of open positions, including project accountant and R2W facilitator

The CareerLink is currently conducting a clothing drive, seeking donations of professional interview wear.

Seeing an increase in the number of job-search center participants; current class has 12, up from single-digit rates.

Anna said that Tara Loew gave a great presentation at the PWDA symposium in December; she will be making similar presentations at the NAWB annual forum in Washington in March and at NAWB conference in Orlando.

Anna reported that they had a safety concern with a client last week. The safety committee is planning on reviewing the safety drill at the upcoming staff meeting.

A panel of six representatives of the operators and investors is in the process of reviewing resumes for the vacant site administrator position; interviews will follow.


Contract & Compliance Officer (Cathy Rychalsky)

Cathy visited a youth work-experience site at Southeast Arch Street facility and was impressed; the contractor has put into place a system that could work for adults.

The cleaning contract has been awarded to Farrell’s Cleaning Services. One concern that was addressed was providing a lounge area for clients away from the building’s common area near the in-house café; with that move, we were able to remove that area from the area to be cleaned and reduce the total cost.

The IT RFP will be released tomorrow, and Cathy is currently preparing RFPs for Title 1, ISY, OSY, EARN and WorkReady.

Dale said one thing that needs to be taken into account in creating the RFPs is the need to incorporate a common intake program that will soon be used by community-based service organizations throughout Lancaster County; the program goes live in August.  Dale is serving on the steering committee to work out rules. This should help increase cross-agency referrals and provide better service to clients in common.

Performance committee meeting: Jan. 26 or 27, around 3 pm


Executive Director (Dale Hamby)

Dale reported that he met recently the Lancaster Community Foundation and Steinman Foundation of Lancaster Alliance. He also met with the new CEO of YWCA; he sees opportunities for the two agencies to collaborate.

 On Friday he will visit a high-school STEM Academy in with Lisa Riggs of the Economic Development Company and Robert Krasne of Steinman Foundation.


Adjournment to executive session at 4:26 to discuss matter related to personnel. Executive session ended at 5 p.m.


NEXT MEETING: Feb. 2, 2016

3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112