Meeting Minutes for Feb. 2, 2016

Lancaster County Workforce Development Baord

Executive Committee

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112


Present:          Tom Baldrige, James Black, Gary Grube, Linda Kreider, Jean Martin, Robert Rhoads, Jill Welch

Not Present: Don Johnson


Staff: Joyce Lenox, Anna Ramos, Cathy Rychalsky, Hope Schmids, Nancy Sharp

Visitors:          Dale Hamby

Call to Order - Jill Welch, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:06 p.m.

Consent Agenda

Minutes from January 5, 2016, Meeting (Jill Welch)

The minutes were unanimously approved on a motion from Jim Black and a second from Gary Grube.

Action Items

Approval of December 2015 Financial Report (Don Johnson)

Cathy Rychalsky reported in the absence of the chair of the finance committee. Income and expenses are on target. A budget modification will be presented at the next finance committee and then at the next executive committee meetings.

Service Access Management is sending a representative to the office one day per week.

Cathy discussed performance on contract with PA Dept. of Corrections.

We have received a new grant from Alcoa to pay for training. That amount will be reflected in the budget modification.

The WDB was awarded a Job-Driven National Emergency Grant (JD NEG) of $225,000 in 2014.  Program was designed to assist dislocated workers and required spending 50% on work-based training, a practice which this organization does not have experience.  The WDB de-obligated $178,000 of the grant. Lessons learned include the need to share accurate information about such training grants in a timely manner with our contractors. If we're seeking money, we need to seek funds aligned with what we're doing, unless there are administrative dollars available to hire additional staff. Anna Ramos noted that the grant was limited in the type of training, which was a function of how grant was written three years ago.

Approval of the December 2015 Financial Report was given unanimously on a motion from the Finance Committee, seconded by Bob Rhoads.

Resolution to seek competitive bids for services related to the review of the March 1, 2016, letter and preparation of the local plan.

Cathy noted that the staff needs assistance in preparing the local plan and is seeking approval to hire a contractor. Staff resources are currently constrained, and the timeline to complete the plan is tight. The plan is due to the state by June 1. Timeline includes review of the plan by the county commissioners and putting out the plan for a 30-day comment period. The cost can be funded through WIOA transitional dollars, for which we do have funds available.

The resolution passes unanimously on motion from Jim Black and second by Tom Baldrige

Dale Hamby said that the local plan has to be submitted to the state in conjunction with the regional plan. He suggested taking close look at whether 30-day comment period for regional plan satisfies requirements

Discussion Items

Maher Duessel audit results (Tracey Rash, Maher Duessel)

Tracey distributed five draft documents resulting from the audit process, which she submitted to the WDB office Dec. 23. Typically she would have management response to share; that has not been provided to date.  Dale noted that SAM has the management response in draft form.

The single audit filing deadline is March 31.

·       Document 1: There were findings for which a corrective action plan needs to be created and submitted with the federal filing. A repeat finding from previous year is that sub-recipients' audited reports are not being reviewed.

·       Document #2: Communication to those charged with governance: Standard letter; 10 items. Management will be required to sign a representation letter, stating that they have provided all the info auditor needed

·       Document #3: discusses internal control, an area inconsequential to the audit, but which the auditors felt needed to be communicated to WDB. All are repeats from last year. Dale said he reviewed the findings with SAM, which has drafted a response letter that was given to Don Johnson for his review as head of the finance committee. Tom suggested keeping that document in front of the executive committee.

·       Document #4: Independent accountant's report: Out of 30 files examined, one exception was found: WIA info was not entered into the CWDS system

·       Document #5: Data collection form: Needs to know who will be listed as organization contact. Usually exec director or finance person

·       Document #6: form PA requires to be filed by March 31. Needs to know who will be listed as organization contact

·       Document #7 (990). Share with board prior to filing. Will be done at March board meeting. Needs to know by May 15 who will be listed as organization contact

Jill asked Tracey question about internal controls and minimum size of staff. Tracey said she has a sheet with guidance on how to segregate duties for small staff, which she will send.

Jill asked the executive committee to keep draft documents confidential until responses and documents are finalized.

Filling board openings (3), plus identify vice chair for 2016-18

The board has two vacancies for representatives from the private sector. Jill had provided names of two possible candidates to Tom Baldrige for him to contact. Anyone else with suggestions is asked to get them to Tom by Friday, Feb. 5. Jill will talk with Don Johnson as to who might replace him as chair of the finance committee.

The board also has a vacancy resulting from the end of the term of Dr. Gerald Huesken as superintendent of record for the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center. Cathy will find the name of the current superintendent of record; the board will consider Dave Warren, executive director of the LCCTC, as an alternative.

Jill and Bob have had preliminary discussions about the next vice chair. They will bring the slate of new officers to the May 19 board meeting.

Local plan: work groups

The Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor and Industry is requiring all local workforce development areas to submit a transitional local plan for the upcoming year. The plan is due June 1. Cathy Rychalsky has set up a series of work-group sessions to solicit comments and input from representatives of business and community organizations. She distributed a proposed schedule of meetings. She is looking for the members of the executive committee and board to participate in the process.

Dale noted that the state Center of Workforce Information and Analysis committed to providing economic analysis of the area but no timeline had been provided.

March 1 letter

Jill will draft a response as to why the LCWDB should remain a separate and stand-alone workforce-development area. She will submit it to the county commissioners for their review.

Response to L&I enhanced monitoring results

Jill sent a draft to member of the executive committee and asked for their response by noon February 3. Response is due to the state by Feb. 10.

Resignation of executive director

Dale Hamby resigned as executive director of the LCWDB effective Jan. 29, 2016, to run for public office. Jill thanked Dale for his efforts in the past seven months. Dale credited the staff. Anna Ramos thanked Dale. Anna asked for some communication from board with updates.

Tom asked the staff to call to the attention of the board what needs to be done when issues arise.

Jill thanked our providers for their willingness to work with us through the budget fiasco.

Staff Reports

Youth Coordinator (Hope Schmids)

The annual Youth Career Summit will take place on Thursday, February 4; 130 people have signed up.

Dale and Hope met recently with a number of businesses from the Cocalico area interested in engaging students.

Information about job fair and job shadowing events this spring are being sent out to the county schools.

Dom DeFilpipo is retiring from his service to the LCWDB as a consultant at the end of this program year.

PA CareerLink® Administrator (Anna Ramos, interim)

The CareerLink®'s semi-annual job fair will take place March 16.

Anna has filled two open positions in the Title I service area: a Ready 2 Work coordinator and project accountant.

An'Dionne Smith in EARN is recruiting for a job developer.

Grace Ross has been moved from the Job Search Center to Career Resource Center in preparation a more functional welcome and triage process for new clients.

Contract & Compliance Officer (Cathy Rychalsky)

RFPs for all of our program areas will be released on Friday. These include Title I, In-School Youth, Out-of-School Youth, EARN, and Work Ready.

Later in the month Cathy will attend a US Dept. of Labor fiscal training session to be held in Philadelphia.

In March she will attend the annual National Association of Workforce Boards' annual Forum. Bob Rhoads is also attending the forum. Presenting at the forum from our area will be Tara Loew, CareerLink Re-Entry Services Team Lead as well as Stephen Grosh, former board member, and Lisa McNamara of the Octorara School District.

Cathy reported that she has been notified that be the subject of a compliance monitoring visit from the state in the near future; no date has yet been set.

The Public Session to Executive Session was adjourned at 4:45 pm to discuss personnel matters related to departure of executive director. The executive session ended at 5:09, and we reconvened Executive Committee to approve the appointment of Cathy Rychalsky as Interim Executive Director on motion from Bob Rhoads, seconded by Linda Kreider, with unanimous approval, while we conduct a search for an Executive Director.  Scott Fiore and TriStarr will again assist in this process pro bono. Bob Rhoads will spearhead this effort.  Meeting ended at 5:14.

NEXT MEETING: March 1, 2016

3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112