Meeting Minutes for March 1, 2016

Lancaster County Workforce Development Board 

Executive Committee

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112


 Present:           Tom Baldrige, James Black, Gary Grube, Linda Kreider, Jean Martin, Jill Welch

 Not Present:     Don Johnson, Robert Rhoads

 Operators:       Trish Link

 Staff:               Valerie Hatfield, Joyce Lenox, Anna Ramos, Cathy Rychalsky, Hope Schmids, Nancy Sharp

 Visitors:           Stan Miller, Steve Tredinnick, Mary Ann Kowalonek, all with Service Access and Management (SAM)

Call to Order: Jill Welch, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

Consent Agenda

Minutes from February 2, 2016, Meeting (Jill Welch)

The minutes were unanimously approved on a motion from Jim Black and a second from Jean Martin.

Action Items

  • ·        Approval of January 2016 Financial Report

Cathy Rychalsky reported in the absence of the chair of the finance committee. Income and expenses are on target.

Approval of the January 2016 Financial Report was given unanimously on a motion from the Finance Committee, seconded by Jim Black.

 ·        Approval of Budget Modification #2

Cathy reported that the modification reflects small changes in allocations, new grants and de-obligations. For instance, we originally expected $48,000 from the Lancaster County Community Foundation but received $60,000. On the matter of the recent de-obligation of grants, Jim Black noted that the issue with needing to present better business services may have helped keep those funds in the community rather than returning them.

Approval of the budget modification was given unanimously on a motion from the Finance Committee, seconded by Jim Black.

 ·        Approval of responses to management letter

Cathy said many of the issues that appeared in this year’s audit results also appeared on last year’s results.  SAM, our new fiscal services contractor, is working with staff to put policies in place to address those issues. However, she noted that this work is being done mid-year. If the auditors’ pull records before the date the policies are being put into place, the same findings may be presented in next year’s report.

Recommendation to approve the response came on a motion from the Finance Committee, seconded by Gary Grube, and passed unanimously.

 ·        Approval of contract with writer to assist us with writing of transitional Local Plan

Community Workforce Advancements, with Mike Lawrence as a principal, had the successful proposal. Mike plans to participate in the second round of community meetings and deliver a draft plan by the middle of March. If the draft is not ready for the March board meeting, the draft will be sent to all directors for their input before the plan is released for public. Cathy suggested that Mike address the board on the major changes required from our existing plan.

Approval of the contract was given unanimously on a motion from Linda Kreider, seconded by Jim Black.

 ·        Approval of IT proposal tabled

Cathy reported that six proposals had been received. The proposal review committee had questions and invited three proposers to a meeting on March 17. Cathy will give the required 30-day notice of termination of agreement to our current contractor.

 ·        Approval of updated Priority of Service Policy

The state is requiring workforce development areas to present an updated policy on priority of service for WIOA Adult program services by March 22. Cathy noted that the LCWDB proposed policy aligns with state guidance. Under that guidance, local WDAs have the opportunity to designate additional groups for priority service. Nancy Sharp mentioned that one reason for adding a priority group might be to increase our performance measures; under the state guidance, 51% of WIOA Adult program services must be directed to one of the priority groups. Our Title I operator has reported that we are collecting data on intake from which we can determine our level of service; however, we don’t currently have a report to show that data. The state will be looking at the data starting in program year 2017; we have program year 2016 to determine our service levels and whether we need to include any groups to the priority service levels.

Approval of the policy was given unanimously on a motion from Jill Welch, seconded by Jim Black. 

Discussion Items

  • ·       Service Access and Management (SAM)

Stan Miller, Steve Tredinnick, and Mary Ann Kowalonek, who are with SAM, the LCWDB’s new fiscal services provider, were introduced. Steve reviewed the fiscal report format that SAM is proposing for use going forward. The fundamental change the board will see is the separating of the WDB operations budget from that of the CareerLink. Tom Baldrige asked if the report will show a year-to-year variance. Steve said it might be difficult to show that the first year because of the expenses for both operations being blended this year. The new format will be implemented July 1, with changes being now to prepare for that transition.

Jill noted that one of the items discussed during the Finance Committee meeting is that budget modifications will not be necessary during the year. As new income sources are recognized, they will simply be included, with the variance to the budget explained. The budget modification process that had been used may have been a holdover from the time with the organization was a county agency.

Several directors liked the simplicity of the new format, especially seeing the amount of funds remaining on the contracts, which is difficult with our current reporting structure.

 ·        Filling board openings (3), plus identify vice chair for 2016-18

The board must fill one vacancy with a representative from the private sector by the end of March. Tom Baldrige will reach out to a few individuals regarding their interest in serving on the board. He will present that name to the board of the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and Industry for approval. The name must then be submitted to the county commissioners

 Don Johnson is retiring from his firm in November 2016. Jill is working with Don Johnson as to who might replace him as chair of the finance committee.

 The board also has a vacancy resulting from the end of the term of Dr. Gerald Huesken as superintendent of record for the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center. Cathy will talk to the current superintendent of record to determine her interest and availability for serving; the board will consider Dave Warren, executive director of the LCCTC, as an alternative.

 Jill and Bob Rhodes have had preliminary discussions about the next vice chair. They will bring the slate of new officers to the May 19 board meeting.

 ·        Local plan: work groups

The Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor and Industry is requiring all local workforce development areas to submit a transitional local plan for the upcoming year by June 2. Cathy reported that series of four work-group sessions to solicit comments and input from representatives of business and community organizations was held last week. Cathy saw several common themes emerge from the four meetings. Jill said she heard from several people that they were happy to be included in the conversations. Mike Lawrence will attend the second round of meetings later this month.

·        March 1 letter  

Jill said the letter as to why the LCWDB should remain a separate and stand-alone workforce-development area was signed by the county commissioners and was delivered to the secretary of the Dept. of Labor and Industry. Members of the executive committee saw the draft; Jill will present it to members of the full board.

 She said the next step is for the letter to be disseminated to our local elected officials.

 ·        Volunteers needed to review proposals

Cathy is looking for board members to serve on work groups reviewing the proposals for our major program areas. The timeline is for proposals to be received March 18 and recommendations made to the executive committee and board in May. Hope Schmids noted she has four people who have agreed to serve on the youth proposal review panels. Gary Grube asked if one of his employees could serve on the panel; the answer was a most definite yes.

Staff Reports

  • ·        Youth Coordinator (Hope Schmids)

The annual Youth Career Summit on Thursday, February 4, was a success. Jill said she attended and received good feedback about the event. She sensed a shift in attitude. In the past, we asked how we get schools involved in workforce issues. At this year’s summit, a school representative stood up and asked how they could get involved. Gary said as a first-time attendee, he thought the summit had an important message that was delivered well.

 The ad for the summer camps will appear this Sunday. Tied to that is a click-through ad available for a year; this could be used to promote other programs, including the upcoming Job Fair. At the Job Fair later this month three workshops for youth will be offered by staff, including real-world math and dressing for success. Job-shadowing panels are scheduled, and it appears they will be well attended.

·        PA CareerLink® Site Administrator (Anna Ramos, interim)

Anna noted this would be her last meeting reporting as interim site administrator. Valerie Hatfield was introduced; she started in the role on Monday, February 29. Keith Baker has identified a fairly new site administrator to mentor Valerie.

Anna mentioned the Job Fair coming up on March 16 and distributed the list of employers that are attending. The event is fully booked, with a waiting list.

Last week, Lancaster County Commissioner Josh Parsons toured the facility with Mark Wilson, Director of Adult Probation and Parole Services for Lancaster County. On Friday representatives from the Lycoming and Clinton County CareerLink toured, accompanied by the deputy warden and case manager from their local prison.

Anna reported that she had been approached by a research assistant from Johns Hopkins looking for men and women released from prison for a research project. Our Re-Entry program might be of assistance.

  • ·        Interim Executive Director (Cathy Rychalsky)

Cathy said she had just been notified that a grant proposal jointly submitted by the Lancaster and Berks WDBs has been approved for approximately $400,000 for a summer youth program.

The LCWDB is planning to hold employer meetings in conjunctions with Manufacturers Association of South Central PA to start conversations about the Make It In America grant, a grant which we’ve held for three years but have not performed well. She is waiting to hear from the grant holder to learn if a modification proposed to the grant has been approved. Cathy will circulate information about the meeting when it is finalized.

Cathy said she had attended a meeting of the board of the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association. She heard that many of the WDBs are shifting their focus to serving employers, a shift required under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Cathy noted that the LCWDB has been in transition for more than a year. She has seen partners and staff looking for innovative ways to engage clients. Cathy thanked them for their service. She also thanked the executive committee as well.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m. on a motion from Jim Black and second from Linda Kreider.

  NEXT MEETING: April 5, 2016

3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112