Meeting Minutes for April 5, 2016

Lancaster County Workforce Development Board

Executive Committee

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112


 Present:          Tom Baldrige, James Black, Gary Grube, Don Johnson,  Linda Kreider,  Robert Rhoads , Jill Welch

 Not Present: Jean Martin

 Operators:     Trish Link

 Staff:              Valerie Hatfield, Joyce Lenox, Anna Ramos, Cathy Rychalsky, Hope Schmids, Nancy Sharp

 Visitors:          Shawn Sweigart, Design Data Corporation; Stan Miller, Steve Tredinnick, Mary Ann Kowalonek, all with Service Access and Management (SAM)


Call to Order: Jill Welch, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

 Consent Agenda

·      Minutes from March 1, 2016, Meeting (Jill Welch).

The minutes were unanimously approved on a motion from Jim Black and a second from Linda Kreider.


Action Items

  • Approval of IT proposal

The panel charged with reviewing proposals to provide IT support services to the LCWDB, the PA CareerLink® of Lancaster, and the partners has recommended contracting with Design Data Corporation. Cathy introduced Shawn Sweigart of Design Data, who explained DDC’s business model, which focuses on relationships. The company has 21 employees. The company has only one level of service, all inclusive; they do not offer tiered services.

Motion to accept the proposal was made by Finance Committee. The motion, modified to have the contract commence once the current service contract is terminated, was seconded by Bob Rhoads and approved unanimously.


  • Approval of policies and procedures

Stan Miller from Service Access and Management said they are reviewing and updating all financial policies and procedures, which will be presented for approval in the near future. The two presented today, staffing cost distribution and the cost allocation plan, are on an accelerated schedule because they are related to the state findings. Staff started tracking time in March for the staffing cost distribution. LCWDB had been using previous year’s expense information for cost allocation; going forward, we will be using the previous month’s information. Mary Ann Kowalonek said she believes this will satisfy the state’s request.

Motion to accept the two policies was made by Finance Committee, seconded by Bob Rhoads and approved unanimously.


  • Approval of response to state monitoring findings and cost allocation plan

Cathy noted that the state conducted a monitoring visit last September and subsequently issued findings regarding the payout related to the departure of former executive director Scott Sheely. Jill said the state had an issue with the accrual of paid time off and the cost allocation of the payout. One of the concerns is with how to set up a severance policy with a financial obligation that may not be expended.

As part of the discussion related to the findings, under the Sunshine Law, every payment from this board must be voted on by the full board. We will need to work through how that functions. It can be handled as a consent agenda. Bob Rhoads cited an example of a school board approving a check register. Bob said our bylaws state that the executive committee can act on behalf of the board. Cathy noted we will need to take this into consideration when updating the bylaws, as required by the state.

Discussion centered on the amount state wants returned as a disallowed expense. If this disallowed amount is not repaid, the state may withhold all future program funds until it is repaid. The repayment cannot come from program funds, and the WDB does not have non-program funds. Jill said that at the meeting of the Finance Committee last week Tom Cislo suggested this might be an item eligible for reimbursement under the board’s directors’ and officers’ insurance policy. We have submitted a claim, which has a $1,000 deductible. Discussion on how to raise deductible. At this point we do not know whether the repayment will be covered by our D&O policy, the county’s D&O policy or as a payment from the county. If the latter, it will need to be voted upon at a public meeting of the county commissioners.  The commissioners have said the earliest they can vote on it is at a public meeting on April 13.

Cathy mentioned a similar situation that a WDB in southwest PA experienced and said she would share some of the media stories as an example of what we might expect. Mary Ann said other WDBs in a similar situation have utilized a public relations person to help with messaging. Cathy said they are meeting with two of the commissioners next week to brief them. Tom Baldrige said it would valuable to once again have one of the commissioners on executive committee. Cathy said she will note that for discussion when preparing the new memorandum of understanding with the commissioners.

Motion to approve the response letter as presented was moved by Tom Baldrige, seconded by Bob Rhoads, and approved unanimously.


  • Approval of contract with Manufacturers Association of Southcentral PA

Cathy reported that we’re nearing the end of the three-year Make it in America grant and once again we’re underspending on a grant. To help keep these dollars in Lancaster to benefit area employers, Cathy is working the MASCPA. Last week representatives from a dozen companies attended an information meeting. Our grantor, CPWA, has approved modification to the grant agreement to allow us to subcontract to MASCPA. We would like to allocate most of remaining money to MASCPA. MASCPA is confident it can spend the remaining allocation.

Motion to accept the proposal was made by Finance Committee, seconded by Bob Rhoads and approved unanimously.


  • Approval of cost of living increases for staff

Cathy said that the organization’s 2015-16 budget included a 2% cost-of-living increase for staff, but it hadn’t been implemented. Jill said the last increase was in 2013; since then, the federal cost of living increases have been over 3% for that period.

Motion to accept the proposal was made by Finance Committee seconded by Tom Baldrige and approved unanimously.


  • Approval of February 2016 Financial Report

Cathy noted that presented are the regular financial report and two new reports, which we believe give us a better overview of status of funds than we had in the past. We are still transferring RMO funds to CAP as we’re assured there will be no further charges against them. CareerLink has started a campaign to recruit new clients to better utilize remaining training funds. Steve explained some of the features of the new report, including showing grant end dates.

Motion to accept the proposal was made by Finance Committee, seconded by Linda Kreider and approved unanimously.


  • Approval of Cathy Rychalsky as Interim Executive Director

Cathy was appointed interim director at the February meeting of the Executive Committee at an annual salary of $80,000. Action will be taken to the board for its formal approval.

Motion to approve was made by Don Johnson, seconded by Bob Rhoads and approved unanimously.


Discussion Items

·       Filling board openings: 1 director now and vice-chair for 2016-17

Jill has talked to two possible candidates to serve as vice chair for the next two years. Cathy has reached out to but has not heard from the superintendent of record for the Lancaster Career and Technology Center. The committee asked Cathy to talk to Dave Warren, executive director of the LCCTC, about his interest in serving on the board.


·       Local plan

Cathy said Mike Lawrence has been working on the plan, a draft of which was circulated to board members. The revised draft will be posted on the LCWDB website April 11for public comment. The plan will be presented to the board on May 19; it will be presented to the SCWDB to be included in the regional plan.


·       Status of search for executive director

Bob Rhoads said the search committee plans to move slowly because we don’t know state’s plan for us, but it wants to be in a position to move once we have clarification from state.


·       Items to be revised by 6/30/16

Cathy noted that John Moser from Berks County WDB is working with us on Mondays to help us with these documents and policies. One of these documents is the By-laws: Cathy asked for volunteers to help update the document, as required by WIOA. Joyce noted that the revisions need to be presented to board members 10 days before they will vote. Bob, Tom, Linda and Jill will provide comments, although they are not available to attend the planned work session. Jill noted that someone will need to review it from a legal standpoint. Other documents include the One-stop Operator Agreement and One-stop Investor Partner Agreement, which are being reviewed by the operators and partners. Another document needed is a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chief Elected Officials (county commissioners).


·       Other items:

Jill expressed thanks to those working on local plans and proposals.

Steve Tredinnick from SAM recommended considering contracting with a solicitor who has workforce experience. Cathy would like to put out an RFP.  Steve suggested getting a recommendation for someone to work with us on a contract basis for the short-term until RFP process is completed.

Mary Ann noted that Finance Committee has approved utilizing check scanner for deposits.


Staff Reports

  • Youth Coordinator (Hope Schmids)

Youth Program Leaders from across the state met on March 30. Because the funds were late in being awarded due to the budget impasse and thus have not been expended as originally planned, , PA Department of Labor & Industry, Bureau of Workforce Development Administration has submitted a waiver request to the governor to extend the TANF funds for a full program year.

We have received a request for us to spend additional summer youth funds for paid work experiences.

The steering committee is considering succession plan for Dom DeFilippo, who is retiring, and is reviewing the proposals for in-school and out-of-school youth for next year.

We have started promoting STEM summer camps and are looking for company sponsorships.


  • PA CareerLink Administrator (Valerie Hatfield)

Valerie distributed a report on the spring Job Fair.

The program leaders are restarting discussions about how to revamp the program delivery and space available to better address functional services that WIOA requires. The goal is to develop a plan by mid-May to roll out to staff and implement by July 1.

CRC and Re-Entry numbers are up. Nancy Sharp noted that Valerie is working with program managers to gather such data for reporting to the board.


·       Interim Executive Director (Cathy Rychalsky)

Gary Grube asked about the disposal of the equipment from the now-defunct corporate printing center. Cathy has been trying to dispose of equipment but is encountering issues with Dept. of Human Services, the funds from which were used to purchase the equipment.


Meeting adjourned to executive session to discuss personnel issues. Meeting adjourned at 5:18 p.m.


NEXT MEETING: May 3, 2016

3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112