Meeting Minutes for May 2, 2016

Lancaster County Workforce Development Boar - Executive Committee

Monday, May 2, 2016 - 3:00 p.m.
Liberty Place, Room 112


Present:           Tom Baldrige, James Black, Gary Grube, Linda Kreider, Jean Martin, Robert Rhoads (by phone) , Jill Welch

Not Present:  Don Johnson

Staff:                  Valerie Hatfield, Anna Ramos, Cathy Rychalsky, Hope Schmids, Nancy Sharp

Visitors:           Trish Link; Robert Saidis (by phone); Steve Tredinnick, Service Access and Management (SAM); An’Dionne Smith; County Commissioner Dennis Stuckey

Jill Welch, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m.

 Introductions were made. Mr. Saidis has been engaged by the LCWDB as solicitor.


Discussion item

  • State monitoring findings

Cathy updated the committee. Our insurance carrier, Chubb, has approved the claim for the severance portion of the finding, $40,388.72. The carrier determined that the remainder, $14,473.52 was for PTO accumulated but not earned. Chubb said they are considered wages due on payable and in PA that portion cannot be covered under the policy. Chubb will issue the check payable to the state to provide an audit trail. Cathy asked Dave Bohanick if the state would consider waiving the balance due. She has not had a reply.

Consent agenda

  • Minutes from the April 5 and 19, 2016 meetings.

The minutes were unanimously approved on a motion from Jim Black and a second from Tom Baldrige.

Action items

  • Approval of March 2016 Financial Report

Cathy noted we are still transferring RMO funds to CAP as we’re assured there will be no further charges against them. Tom asked about the affiliates. Cathy noted we had served as fiscal agent for them when we had excess capacity. Now that we are contracting out for fiscal services, we no longer have that ability and are in the process of helping the organizations to find other solutions.

Motion to accept the proposal was made by Finance Committee, seconded by Jean Martin and approved unanimously.

  • Approval of LCWDB Budget for 2016-17

Steve reviewed the budget for LCWDB for 2016-17. New for this year is that the budget is exclusively for the board and does not include the program funding, as has been done in the past. Steve and Cathy created a forecast based on the current year’s expenses and projected salary costs based on current staffing structure. The budget includes a five percent merit pool that can be accessed when performance reviews are completed; an anticipated 12% increase in benefits for half a fiscal year, and contracted services for fiscal, solicitor, IT support and public relations.

Tom raised a question about the terminology for projecting the current year expenses. Bob suggested using the term Annualized Expenditures. Steve explained the potential funds available from the program grants based on guidance we’ve received from state. He noted there is not much leeway between the maximum funds projected for administrative costs and the projected budget. Cathy said we’ve been notified that program funding will be cut again this year. Trish asked if the reduction was based on the decrease in unemployment. Cathy said yes, as well as the state withholding 50 percent more in administrative dollars than it did this year (from 10 to 15% of program funds). Jill suggested we need a strong presentation for the board.

Tom suggested setting up a meeting with our state delegation and explaining the trends and the ripple effects of the state’s changes.

The budget was approved unanimously on a motion from the Finance Committee and a second by Tom Baldrige.

  • Policies and procedures

Cathy provided background on the three policies that were presented for approval: system of record, determining eligibility, work-based learning. In the past the executive committee approved policy, but we recently were informed by the Dept. of Labor and Industry that the board must approve all policies. These three and others to follow are presented to the Executive Committee for recommendation to the board. Following discussion on the wages to be used in the work-based learning policy, which touched on the governor’s executive order of a $10.15 per hour minimum wage, that policy was withdrawn for further research.

On a motion by Tom Baldrige and second by Linda Kreider, PP 202 System of Record and PP 203 Program Eligibility were passed unanimously.

  • New nominee for board

Cathy met recently with Dave Warren, executive director of the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, to discuss his interest in being named to the board. The Board of the LCCTC recommended his nomination to the county commissioners.

On a motion from Jim Black and a second by Jill Welch, the nomination of Dave Warren to the board was approved.

  • Approval of recommendation for program providers

Cathy said the Performance Committee met to review the results of the proposal review panels for WIOA, EARN, and Work Ready program provider. EDSI was found to be top proposer for all three. Cathy notified ResCare representatives Anna Ramos and Mark Douglas. She has met with representatives from EDSI to gear up for the transition. EDSI will interview anyone currently working in the WIOA program who is interested in remaining with the program. No dollars are assigned at this point; we need to delineate the required program obligations to determine what is available to the contractor.

Jill asked how the Re-Entry program will work through the transition. Cathy has already discussed with EDSI that this program will be maintained.

Hope commented that Anna Ramos has 15 years of institutional knowledge that should be recognized.

Jill asked the WDB staff to put together plan of transition and recognition.

On a motion from the Performance Committee and a second by Tom Baldridge, the recommendation to award the contracts for WIOA, EARN and Work Ready program delivery was passed unanimously.

Hope presented the recommendations for In- and Out-of-School Youth program providers from Youth Council. One proposal was received for each program; proposals were received from the current service providers. The Youth Council is recommending contracts of one-year terms, subject to renewal based on performance and available funding.

On a motion from the Youth Council and seconded by Tom Baldrige, the recommendation to award the contract for In-School Youth to the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center was unanimously approved.

On a motion from the Youth Council and seconded by Linda Kreider, the recommendation to award the contract for Out-of-School Youth to Arbor/ResCare was unanimously approved.

  • Local plan: no comments

Cathy noted that we have posted the draft transitional local plan and received no comments to date. We have received the draft transitional regional plan and will post that for comment as well.

The question was asked as to when we will know whether Lancaster will remain a stand-alone workforce development area. Cathy said we’ve been told we should know by late summer.

  • Meeting dates:

Cathy is checking availability of a quorum for our July 5 meeting. Nancy will reach out to the committee members. We also need to reschedule the Aug. 2 meeting and will survey whether we can have a quorum available a week later, on Aug. 9. 

The meeting was adjourned 5:15 p.m.