Meeting Minutes for June 7, 2016

 Lancaster County Workforce Development Board

Executive Committee

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Liberty Place, Room 112



Present:          Tom Baldrige, James Black, Gary Grube, Don Johnson, Linda Kreider, Jean Martin, Jill Welch

Not Present: Robert Rhoads

Staff:              Valerie Hatfield, Cathy Rychalsky, Hope Schmids, Nancy Sharp

Visitors:          Trish Link; Robert Saidis (by phone); An’Dionne Smith; Steve Tredinnick, Service Access and Management (SAM)

Jill Welch, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m. 

Consent Agenda

Minutes from May 2, 2016, meeting

The following corrections were requested: date of meeting corrected to Monday, May 2; the May meeting had been rescheduled to accommodate members’ schedules. Removed duplicate mention of Trish Link.

Motion to approve the corrected minutes was made by Tom Baldrige, seconded by Linda Kreider, and passed unanimously.

Approval of April 2016 Financial Report

Cathy addressed two negative numbers: Business-Education Partnership, money will come in as invoiced; and the IRE grant, money will come in as invoiced. The Latino Empowerment Project also has a negative balance, but that is a pass-through account, and the shortage will be reimbursed by Fran Rodriguez.

Motion to approve the April financial report came from the finance committee, was seconded by Linda Kreider, and passed unanimously.

Action Items

Motion from Youth Council: Membership

Hope Schmids presented a list of Youth Council members to be approved, including a new member, renewed terms, and retention of a member who is retiring from employment and would otherwise be excused from the council. The steering committee would like to retain his expertise.

Motion to approve Youth Council membership changes came from Youth Council, was seconded by Jean Martin, and passed unanimously.

Hope presented a list of the priorities as developed by the Youth Council for the TANF Youth Development Funds for Program Year 2016-17. Hope noted in funding of 13% from the current year. The council made minor changes in priorities this year, to better align WIOA and TANF services. This allows the council to notify vendors of major changes that may occur in Program Year 2017-18.

Motion to approve the Youth Council’s priorities came from Youth Council, were seconded by Don Johnson, and passed unanimously. Tom Baldrige abstained; his organization is a recipient of the funds.

Hope presented a third motion from Youth Council, the TANF Spending Plan for the coming year. Because the allocation for in-school youth was not confirmed at the time the Youth Council passed the spending plan, the Youth Council asked for flexibility in moving funds to this program.

The motion to approve the TANF Youth Development Spending Plan came from Youth Council, was seconded by Jim Black, and passed unanimously; Tom Baldrige abstained.

Discussion Items

Legislative meeting update

Cathy updated the executive committee on the upcoming meeting between the board and the local legislative delegation on Friday, June 10. The meeting agenda covers five areas: History, Successes, Challenges, Conversation, and a Call to Action. Jill said that, at end of the day, what is important is having an organization with the ability to make decisions in Lancaster’s best interest and meet its needs. Jean noted that the county has prized local control and had to work to maintain its desire to remain a single-county workforce area.

Jill said that Commissioner Stuckey is fully supportive.  Although all three commissioners will be out of the county attending a meeting, Mr. Stuckey will send a letter of support to the delegation.

Update on transition of WIOA service providers

Cathy notified both providers of the outcome of the process. EDSI will be contracting the three major program areas.  EDSI has already interviewed ResCare staff interested in staying on board as well as outside candidates. Anna Ramos has been helpful in providing some insight from the previous transition. Cathy said she expects EDSI to have a seamless transition for customers, staff and board as of July 1. Jill asked if a recognition event for ResCare would be appropriate; Cathy would like to do something and will keep the board posted.

Meeting dates for July and August

The meeting dates for July and August have been changed to accommodate holiday and vacation schedules. The July meeting will be held Tuesday the 12th; the August meeting will be held Tuesday the 9th. Nancy will advertise the new meeting dates and communicate the changes to the committee members.


Jill this discussion flows from the budget already approved at the May board meeting. Immediacy is that we need to finalize budget for our partners and contractors. A large concern is rent, which is a large portion of the RSA budget. The WDB budget has been approved with open positions. Steve Tredinnick said the organization has funds to pay for them in PY16; may not have them in PY17 with the current funding trends (decreases in allocation in recent years). Steve asked for some indication on where board is going with WDB staff, as remaining amount from our allocation is the amount we provide to our program contractors. Steve then explained how the RSA budget is determined, which currently is on the basis of square footage, and there is a tremendous amount of square footage in the contract, probably more than is needed to service our existing client base. Cathy asked Tom to orchestrate a meeting with the building owner and Commissioner Stuckey to discuss renegotiating the lease to reduce the space.

Jill suggested session going into executive session at the end of the meeting to discuss personnel and legal issues.

Staff Reports

Youth Coordinator

Hope Schmids reported that the Business Education Partnership grant ends June 30. The program is currently paying for young people who have completed the Ready2Work portion of the program to participate in short-format training.

The first session of this season’s Summer of STEM camps began on Monday, June 6.

Most of the Summer TANF allocation is going toward the Summer Youth employment program. The funding for the program has been extended through the entire summer instead of ending June 30.

CareerLink staff is participating in a customer-centered design challenge, in which the group is looking at how we might improve our customer experience and welcome function.

Hope noted that she and Cathy attended a two-day conference on youth programming and learned that Lancaster is already engaging in one best practice of providing literacy training.

PA CareerLink Administrator

Valerie Hatfield reported that she has implemented a new partnership with Dress for Success, based in Harrisburg, which will have a mobile unit here every Tuesday. Clients can be referred for interview or work clothing.

The Lancaster CareerLink® is part of a Jobs for Veterans program audit. One of the outcomes of preparing for the audit was updating the job seeker flowchart to show how we serve veterans.

One aspect of the recent CareerLink® Staff meeting on June 2 was training by an OVR staff person on disability awareness.

WIOA transition: focusing on orientation process, reducing silos.  Hoping new focus will capture more casual foot traffic

The Executive Committee went into executive session at 4:20 p.m. to discuss legal matters with the WDB’s solicitor, Robert Saidis, in response to the recent letter from L&I to the County Commissioners, and to discuss staffing structure in light of budget and funding and the recent departure of Joyce Lenox. The Executive Committee reconvened at 5:10 p.m. and unanimously agreed at this time to the current structure of four (4) staff members, plus Service Access and Management (SAM) serving the fiscal support function, and to further discussions with Ms. Rychalsky for the addition to staff of an Administrative Assistant.  This is a reduction from the six (6) staff positions in the current budget.  The budget line item for the Executive Director will remain at a maximum $107,400 to provide flexibility to bring this position on in 2016/2017, depending on realignment decisions from the state.  The separate budget line item for an Interim Executive Director will be eliminated, as it is redundant and included in the Executive Director budget line item.  This will allow the WDB to move more funding into programming.  The Executive Committee also unanimously agreed to have Mr. Saidis review the lease agreement, and to have members of the Committee meet with the landlord to discuss space needs and possible modifications to the lease agreement.

Adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: July 12, 2016

3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112 

August Meeting: August 9, 2016