Meeting Minutes for July 12, 2016


Executive Committee

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 - 3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112




Present:           Tom Baldrige, James Black, Gary Grube, Linda Kreider, Rhonda Kurtz, Jean Martin, Robert Rhoads, Jill Welch


Not Present:     Don Johnson


Staff:               Valerie Hatfield, Cathy Rychalsky, Hope Schmids, Nancy Sharp


Visitors:           Trish Link; Robert Saidis; An’Dionne Smith; Stan Miller, Service Access and Management (SAM), and Steve Tredinnick (SAM), by phone


Bob Rhoads, chair, called the meeting to order at 3:04 p.m.


Consent Agenda

Minutes from June 7, 2016, meeting

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Jill Welch, seconded by Rhonda Kurtz, and passed unanimously.


Approval of May 2016 Financial Report

Cathy said she does not believe we will expend the required 80% of our allocation for WIOA-Adult funding. Due to the state’s budget impasse, the WDB did not authorize training for first half of year. Cathy believes the new formats of reports will give us better visibility of expenditure rate. Jean Martin asked how close we were on the expenditure. Steve Tredinnick said we’re forecasting at 66% if contractors fully expend their awards.

Motion to approve the financial report was made by Jill Welch, seconded by Rhonda Kurtz and approved unanimously.


Action Items

Extend contract with Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 for three months

Because the services the IU provides are funded out of Title I funds, they must be put out for bid. The staff is asking the board to extend the contract to continue these important services while we put out request for proposals. Jill asked what affect the extension will have on the contract. Cathy said contract will be for two years minus three months, with three one-year options to renew.

Motion to extend the contract with Lancaster-Lebanon IU 13 was made by Tom Baldrige, second by Linda Kreider, and approved unanimously.


Extend CareerLink® agreements (Operator, Investor, Resource Sharing) for three months

 Because WIOA regulations just finalized June 30, 2016, we want to ensure the agreements that were to be effective July 1, will comply with the new regulations and need additional time to do so. Jean Martin asked who the agreements are with. Cathy said between the board and the partners in the CareerLink®.

Motion to extend the agreements was made by Tom Baldrige, seconded by Linda Kreider; approved with one abstention by Jean Martin.


Approve Program Policy: Work-based Learning

Cathy noted that the policy had previously been presented for approval, but the payment for Work Experience for Youth was an unresolved issue. The proposed policy had been modeled on Berks County WDB’s, with payment for work experience at a maximum of 115% of federal or state minimum wage, whichever was higher ($8.34/hour currently). However, the governor’s office is suggesting that state contractors be paid a minimum of $10.15/hour. After prolonged discussion, the recommendation was made to keep the language as presented and revisit the policy next year, with a report on implementation.

Motion to approve the policy as presented was moved by Jill Welch, seconded by Tom Baldrige, and approved unanimously.


Approve Partnership/Fiscal Agent Agreement with Chief Elected Officials (County Commissioners)

Bob Saidis said the state provided two separate agreements, which he merged into one. He had hoped that someone from the board would review agreement to ensure it meets the local board’s needs before it was approved. Jill said she sees in the agreement more involvement on part of LEOs than they’ve been inclined to take on. Is that required by WIOA? Yes, Bob said. Does the county know that more involvement is required? No. Jill suggested meeting with the commissioners or their representative to discuss the new requirements. Tom said that would provide a great opportunity to revisit the commissioners’ involvement


Actions to be taken: The committee decided to review the document and provide comments to Cathy by Wednesday. At the same time, Cathy will send the draft, along with the two source documents, to the commissioners for their review. Cathy will set up a meeting with the commissioners to discuss the document. The goal is to bring the revised document for the executive committee to recommend to the board for approval at the Sept. 22 board meeting.


Approve proposed changes to by-laws

Bob Saidis noted that the Commonwealth came out with five local governance directives to be considered in developing new by-laws. That includes the requirement for the county to adopt the LCWDB’s by-laws. Jill asked how deep the Sunshine Act goes in the committee structure; Bob said the act applies to the actions of the full board and the executive committee.


Actions to be taken: Bob will make changes to the proposed by-laws based on the final WIOA rules released 6/30/16. The executive committee will review and provide comments to Cathy and Bob within one week of dissemination. Cathy will share that revised document with the county commissioners. Goal is to bring the revised document to the executive committee to recommend to the board for approval at the Sept. 22 board meeting. The revision needs to be sent to the board members 10 days in advance of the meeting.


Discussion Items

Monitoring results from Labor and Industry

Cathy reviewed the items on the results letter. The DUNS number had expired; Cathy renewed it. The state had an issue with directors’ attendance at meetings. The wording from the LCWDB’s current by-laws state “All directors shall be required to attend a minimum of two thirds (66%) of all Board of Directors and committee meetings to which the director is assigned during the course of a full fiscal year to maintain directorship in good standing. Failure to comply with this attendance provision can result in removal from Board of Directors.” Bob Saidis noted that the wording is “can” not “shall” result in removal. Jill commented that we need to build in flexibility. Cathy said that the organization met its performance metrics. Tom said, “Isn’t that what we’re really all about?”, and gave kudos to the staff. Cathy said that, given the events of the last year, she’s happy with the monitoring results.


Legislative meeting review

Bob Rhoads said he, Cathy, and Tom gave a presentation to the Lancaster local legislative delegation, providing a review of issues the organization is facing. Tom said he didn’t think the legislative delegation had known much about the WDB’s situation before the meeting. Bob R. was impressed by number of board members who attended.


Solicitor RFQ

Cathy said we had a short-term agreement with Bob Saidis for services while going through the request for quote process. Deadline for submissions is July 15.


Update on transition of WIOA service provider

Our new WIOA Title I provider, EDSI, has found a significant number of issues with cases that were in the CareerLink prior to their starting service on July 1. EDSI is preparing a report. They are revamping both the process for serving clients and the physical appearance of the CareerLink. Cathy plans to host an open house when construction is completed. Cathy extended a heartfelt than-you to An’Dionne Smith and Valerie Hatfield for their work during the transition. An’Dionne gave a brief overview of new things happening.


Update on vote to modify ResCare contract to pay accumulated PTO

Cathy had sent out to the executive committee a request to approve an amendment to the ResCare contract that allows ResCare to charge the contract for reimbursement for the PTO to be paid out to their employees who are not continuing with ResCare. Finance Committee had approved it.  Our contract was silent on this issue, and this action clarifies the Board’s intent. The executive committee passed it, with one no vote. We will modify the contract total by approximately $5,984. Funds are available to do so.


Staff Reports

Youth Coordinator

Hope Schmids reported on a number of programs. LNP ran an article on summer youth programs; Valerie distributed copies of the paper. Hope said summer camps to which the LCWDB provides scholarships are underway. Lancaster County Career and Technology Center did not run its camp due to lack of recruitment. The EITC that had been provided in support of that camp has been encumbered for 2017. The industry tours in June were successful, visiting nine locations. A high-school student from McCaskey is serving an internship funded by the state in the Career Resource Center. A Business-Education Partnership Grant, which ended June 30, funded 80 youth through the Ready2Work program.

With the grant, a number of young people also received short-term skills training, including five Cocalico students who took a Metal Casting class at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.


PA CareerLink Administrator

Valerie Hatfield said that among the transitions going on is the move to a new IT service provider; the staff is very happy with Design Data, the new service provider. The CareerLink® recently participated in a state audit for the Jobs for Veterans program; Lancaster was noted for a best practice, which was identifying veterans with a different-colored name badge at the door. Construction on the welcome area will include moving a wall to reposition the reception desk will start August 1.


The committee adjourned to Executive Session at 4:30 to discuss personnel issues; no actions were taken during the session. The meeting adjourned at 5 p.m.


NEXT MEETING: August 9, 2016 - 3:00 p.m.

Liberty Place, Room 112