Job Fairs and Mini Fairs

Job fairs connect job seekers and employers in mutually beneficial ways because face-to-face contact is effective. PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County hosts two job fairs (March and September) and numerous mini job fairs annually.  

Employers gain access to a large number of candidates in one stop. Employers have face-to-face interaction with candidates interested in their organization. Job fairs provide an opportunity for an initial screen of talent, and many employers offer on-site interviews based on brief interactions at the job fair.

At job fairs, employers have an opportunity to meet non-traditional candidates. Many employers have an idea of the talent profile they are seeking, job fairs allow them to talk to non-traditional candidates with a rich and diverse skill-set that may exceed needs and expectations.

8 July 2010 Author Ghozt Tramp

Job fairs present employers with a public relations opportunity.  Job fairs encourage talented job seekers to consider your company.  The more job seekers you attract at a job fair, the greater your talent pool will be at the end of the day. Remember, candidates want to know that they have an special relationship with your company because they attended the job fair instead of applying online.

Have conversations with people instead of reading resumes.  Contact the Employer Services team to learn more about our semi-annual job fairs or arrange for a mini-fair/hiring event.  Ask about renting interview rooms and meeting rooms.

Please call PA CareerLink®of Lancaster County and ask for an Employer Services team member.  PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

(717) 509-5613

(717) 391-3570 (TTY)

PA CareerLink® of Lancaster County is located at 1016 N. Charlotte Street, Lancaster, PA  17603.