The Employment Advancement Retention Network (EARN) Program was created to address the needs of welfare recipients and low income individuals with barriers to gaining and maintaining employment and to better coordinate the existing employment and training programs available for them.

The EARN program focuses on federally mandated core activities such as case management, remediation, unsubsidized employment, on-the-job training, work experience, community service, providing childcare services to individuals in community service, job search, job readiness and vocational skills training. EARN provides for aptitude and skills evaluation as well as workshops that reinforce employability, communications and customer-service skills.

EARN is jointly operated by the Pennsylvania Departments of Human Services and Labor and Industry (L&I). EARN helps participants, referred by the County Assistance Office, to support themselves and their families without cash assistance. Included in EARN are services especially designed to meet the needs of out-of-school pregnant and parenting youth between the ages of 18 to 22, as well as non-assistance custodial or non-custodial fathers.

The EARN Program is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services through TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). Participants must have children and be referred to this program by the:

Lancaster County Assistance Office
832 Manor Street
PO Box 4967
Lancaster, PA 17604-4967
Ph:  (717) 299-7411